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I have decided to turn this blog into a podcast reviewing good and bad movies of all genres because I just love talking about movies. Just like this blog, I will be reviewing films old and new either on my own or with a round table of friends I can gather together. 

 The podcast show is called “Movie Geek & Proud” debuting April 25th, 2018.

Here is a link to the Twitter page, make sure to follow for updates, and also a patreon page for you to support my show while also making your voice heard and covering the movies you want to hear about; will be coming soon. 

I hope you all give it a listen and provide feedback to make the podcast a show you want to listen to each week. 

Enjoy reading about the movies I watch in general in this blog. Suggest any topics or movies I should be watching. Check the menus for recommendations, a look back at old favorite movies, and thoughts on trailers to upcoming movies or other topics in entertainment. 

Curious how I rate each movie I watch? Click here

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Thanks for visiting my blog.