Movie Review: Collateral Beauty

“The movie wasn’t bad. It actually tugged at my gullible side so I walked out satisfied.”

I walked into this movie with a little bit of negativity feedback on my mind. Not many people are either not interested nor happy with this movie. I didn’t hear too much news about it but I heard enough that this is not an Oscar contender. Sometimes hearing a review can affect your perception of a film. Probably go in with low expectations taking some of the pressure of the movie off. I went in with that kind of attitude.


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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

A group of great characters was no match for a story that felt a little rushed to cram a lot of intros into one movie. DC, you are onto something but not quite there yet.

First, let me just say thank you thank you THANK YOU for Margot Robbie and David Ayer for bringing Harley Quinn to the big screen in live action. I have been waiting for an adaptation to that character for a long time and it paid off. The moment she was announced to play the devoted lover of the clown prince of crime I knew she would kill it. Robbie really did Harley justice. Bravo!

Now onto the movie

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