Double Take: 3 Ninjas

My first entry into my 27 week movie project testing the possibility that movies get better with age or can a movie live up to what you remember as a kid or young adult. My first entry down memory lane is 3 Ninjas. I remember watching this movie as a kid, wanting to learn karate, still getting the home alone vibe from it and just enjoying how fun it was. From the cool ninja nicknames they got, and using their skills to take care of the bullies at school to the chanting of the two lovebirds Rocky and Emily, this was one of my go to movies where I watched if I wanted to laugh or just put a smile on my face. With the story kind of similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the brothers who study martial arts from their relative/sensei, the ninjas dressed like the foot clan led by an old partner/student of the grandfather. The three bumbling idiots that remind you of Bebop and Rocksteady tasked to kidnap the kids but fumble along the way. Great kids movie from what I remember but lets see if it still holds up 24 years later.

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