Ep.13: Commando

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Shawn and Rob let off some steam while we review the 1985 action film, Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is Shawn’s first viewing so you will get an opinion from a first time watcher and from a fan. Did the film hold up today? Find out as we as learn about our top 10 films of 2018 so far.

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Bad Moms Trailer Brings On More Star Studded Female Actresses That Makes This Sequel Worth It

Mothers, Grandmothers, and soon to be Moms rejoice as your three favorite bad mothers are back again to wreak havoc and take back their lives in a world where they feel unappreciated and need to take control of how often they are taken for granted. Amy, Kiki, and Carla are back again as the mother of all mothers getting ready for the holidays which is probably the busiest time of the year for any mom when it comes to cooking, buying gifts, cleaning after dinner, fundraisers, school dances, volunteering, etc. This time around we get an extra batch of mothers as each one of their mothers comes to visit for the holidays making this a fun-filled female driven holiday extravaganza.

Check out the trailer:

As you can see, in the vain of Daddy’s Home 2, what is the next step in a family comedy to do for a sequel, have it take place during Christmas time to bring everyone together and add more characters to fuel the fire. Daddy’s Home 2 which is the male version of the two movies brought in the lead’s fathers to add to the fun played by John Lithgow and Mel Gibson. In the film A Bad Mom’s Christmas it seems that our leading ladies, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn will be visited by their mothers Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, and the brilliant Susan Sarandon respectfully. Seeing the sight of them gave me the same happy feeling I got finding out that Gibson and Lithgow were to play Wahlberg and Ferrell’s dads in their film.

Not much to go on for the plot in this first trailer except that it’s another chapter to show how much women, especially mothers do for their family and that it’s always good to remember to take care of yourself if  you want to take care of others. Including dealing with the arrivals of all their mothers. Also, they all haven’t changed a bit as they will continue to have all the raunchy badly behaving fun they did in the first movie. I enjoyed Bad Moms last year and this one looks just as good as the entire cast is back including the ever so fine Jay Hernandez. Keep an eye out for this movie during the holiday season this year.


Trailer Talk with Rob: Geostorm, Wonder, and Beatriz At Dinner

No, I am not talking about the trailers that are mobile. I am talking about movie trailers that I have seen lately that really grabbed my attention. I love a good trailer. Usually when I go to the movies I have to see trailers. They just set the tone for me and gets me in the mood for the movie I am going to watch. One trailer involves a natural disaster while the other two talk on social issues and awareness. These trailers have already sold me and maybe they will convince you too. 



I love disaster films. It’s a genre that disappeared for a while that is slowly making a comeback. I remember watching the film 2012 (John Cusack) back in 2009 and then didn’t really return until San Andreas (Dwayne Johnson) came out in 2017. San Andreas reminded me how much I enjoy disaster films. So watching a trailer for Geostorm, which is about satellites that control the global climate starts to attack Earth. So any kind of natural weather disaster you can think of happens. 

Continue reading


Unforgettable Trailer

The next greatest catfight since Beyoncé Vs. Ali Larter in Obsessed.

So Moviegeeks, This trailer was on the movie Collateral Beauty that I saw yesterday and I couldn’t be happier to see this movie be made. Since I was robbed of a brawl between Regina Hall and Jaz Sinclair in When the Bough Breaks, this movie Unforgettable coming out in 2017 makes up for it and the casting in my opinion is perfect. Just watch for yourself and let me know in the comments what you think.

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Whitney Cummings, and Geoff Stults.
Director: Denise Di Novi
Writers: Christina Hodson, David Leslie Johnson
Release Date: April 21, 2017 (subject to change)

Movie Review: Creed

Ryan Coogler is 2 – 0 for KO’s with his directorial debut Fruitvale Station and latest film Creed giving us a touching follow up to the Rocky Legacy.

After hearing who was going to be the lead and also who was directing, I decided to put this on my must see list. This movie is a follow up to the Rocky movies set in the same universe in present day. Son of Apollo Creed, Adonis Creed a.k.a Donny Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) never knew his father because he died before he was born but always knew he was going to be a boxer. He decides its time for him to become the boxer he believes himself to be by finding a trainer to train him. Who better to do that then the legend Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). With Rocky being retired and leaving that world behind he is hesitant in training Donny but decides to mentor him since he sees so much of Apollo in him. Together they train for that title shot while also teaching each other a thing or two along the way.


Sylvestor Stallone (Rocky) mentoring Michael B. Jordan (Donny)

Ryan Coogler really impressed me with his directing and writing on the tragic story of Oscar Grant III in Fruitvale Station which also starred Michael B. Jordan. The movie had me in tears ( yes I cried, so what) and he didn’t disappoint with this one. I gotta say that I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Michael stepped up his game in my opinion. I’ve always been a fan of him since I saw him in NBC’s Parenthood, followed by Chronicle as the likeable high school student with superpowers. By the way, if you haven’t seen Chronicle, check it out. Anyways, back to Creed. Michael has this likeness about him when he acts that just makes you root for him no matter what kind of guy he is. You just want him to succeed good or bad. He also looked like a great boxer to me. Watching him train/act in the movie I am sure he went through vigorous training for the role.

Let’s talk about Sylvester for a second. Now I mostly know him as an action star. He is seen doing more action roles then comedy or drama. I can’t remember the last time I saw him in a hard drama relying only on his acting and dialogue and I got to tell you he delivered big time in this. Embodying Rocky one more time, I felt he never got out of character since he last played him. This role fit like a glove for him. You never forget how to ride a bike right? There has been a lot of talk about his role in this movie and we could see him be nominated for a couple of statues. Watching him is reason enough to go.


Does Creed have what it takes to come out on top?

It was filmed very well also. I want to refer to a specific scene which is his first big fight towards the second act of the film. Once the bell rings and Donny and Leo “The Lion” Sporino played by Gabe Rosado. The camera focuses only on the two boxers as they battle it out. As the camera rotates around them we get a feel and visual look at what its like to be in the ring. Even though there are hundreds surrounding them, they don’t see anything around them and focus on each other. With the audio you can hear everyone cheer and their respective teams yelling out commands to outwit the other. Only once did they pan out but that raw tension between the two fighters i think amped up the scene. I think compared to other boxing scenes the camera is always moving around putting the camera on random people watching the fight to their trainers and announcers to create tension. I just liked that we got to see a focused match without any distractions. 



“Build your own legacy”

I’d say definitely check out this movie if you have been following the Rocky Balboa movies. The movie brings great nostalgic moments in the subtle references from past movies and even in the soundtrack. Great acting from both Michael and Sylvester. I also want to give a shout out to Tessa Thompson (Dear White People, Selma, When a stranger Calls) who played a strong woman character. Cast as the love interest to Donny she still held her own and didn’t play the side character most love interest are in movies. The film wrapped up quite nicely as well which is refreshing in my opinion which focused more than him just being a boxer but also being a great man as well as his own man outside of his late father’s shadow.

+1pt Entertaining, heartwarming, as well as exhilarating like you are actually watching a boxing match.
+1pt Well written movie. Script paid attention to fans who grew up with the films while being attention getting for this generation.
+1pt Acting was superb. Sylvester Stallone shined.
+1pt definitely recommend this movie. This movie stands on its own even if you haven’t seen the previous movies.
+1pt has replay value. I would watch this film again.

Total – 5pts out of 5pts Very entertaining.

New trailers attached to the movie:
Barbershop 3 The New Cut – Same ol’ same ol’ but i am sure it will bring new stuff to the table.
Central Intelligence –  This looks funny. I like this trailer. Especially the end. It gave me a “Knight and Day” vibe to it.

Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

“Make your mark”

Pixar’s 16th feature film The Good Dinosaur is visually stunning. Probably some of the best effects I’ve seen. The movie brings the feels but lacks the fun you are use to with Pixar.

If I am not going crazy over the next horror movie ( I can’t wait for Krampus this Friday) I am get giddy when a Disney and/or Pixar movie comes out. So I was very excited to see The Good Dinosaur over last weekend. Knowing little on the plot I knew that it involved the “what if” scenario of what it would look like if Dinosaurs and Man were to coexist. It turns out that Dinosaurs evolve more than humans in this story. They take care of their own and land by farming and growing crops to store for the winters each year.

maxresdefault (1)

Which brings us to the dinosaur of the hour, Arlo, the youngest of three who is a little under developed from his siblings and has a chip on his shoulder to prove to his father and himself that he is fearless, can make his mark in the world, and provide for his family. During this journey he meets his first human, who causes havoc on his land. In an attempt to get rid of them, they are thrown into danger as they journey around the mountains and in the process develop a very close friendship.

See what I mean about the feels. Thats just the tip of this feelings mountain.

This movie provides some great visual effects and some feel good if not cry out loud moments. I am not talking just a tear running down your eyes but its trying to get you to sob. Some are sad tears and some are happy tears. The story was a little bit simple. Nothing really to the plot really. Which I think is okay because it usually saves it with the laughs. That is where the sad tears part comes in. There weren’t many lol moments. Of course I did chuckle once or twice but it wasn’t up to par to some of the hilarious antics and characters from Pixar’s past. Is it just me or was the movie just a little bit stereotyped on the south. Even though this movie takes place 65 million years ago. This movie was really big on the country, farmer, hillbilly sort of vibe that didn’t really sit well with me. Kind of like how everyone was up in arms over the racial profile Lion King was getting over the villains versus the heroes and the voices who played them. An example. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.


Good Dinosaur is a sweet movie that creates a dynamic friendship between a dino and a human that makes this movie watchable. Definitely teaches a great lesson in conquering your fears and to never give up in what you believe in, but sadly comes off a little more depressing than fun. The kids in the auditorium seemed to be paying attention to it very well but I could have categorized this as a full fledge drama and gotten away with it. By the end of the movie, there is even a slight possibility this movie will be forgotten about after 2 hours of leaving the movies. Having this follow up after the amazing Inside Out, which by the way had the same touchy feely moments but still managed to be upbeat, laugh out loud hilarious, along with memorable characters. The Good dinosaur fell short for me.

+1 for awake the whole time just for Spot the human.
+1/2 for okay story, emotional, realism, and life lessons.
+1 on voice work and great animation
0 for recommendation. Worth watching at the movies only for the visual effects
0 for replay value. No desire to see the movie a second time for a while. 

2 1/2 points out of 5

Trailers before the movie were: Finding Dory – Definitely can’t wait. The Little Prince – I didn’t read the book but it looks pretty nice.
Norm of the North – WTF enough said. The puns THE PUNS UGH!
Angry Birds – I actually want to see this one. GREAT voice cast.
Zootopia – I am still on the fence with this movie but check out this trailer. 2nd released trailer and its hilarious.


Movie Review: The Night Before

She “Home Alone’d” me!



Joseph Gordon-Levitt (left) Seth Rogen (center) Anthony Mackie (right)

So its that time of year when we eat lots of food, hang out with close friends and family, open presents (if you are into that) and watch holiday themed movies. One of the recent ones of 2015 is The Night Before. Writer/Director by Jonathan Levine (50/50, All the Boys love Mandy Lane, Warm Bodies) reunites with both Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen from 50/50 with added bonus Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The first Avenger, Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron) for the latest raunchy comedy to hit the screen.

In it you find 3 best friends from a younger age who have been together every Christmas since Ethan’s (Joseph’s character) parents both died. Now in their 30’s both Isaac & Chris Roberts (Seth and Anthony respectively) have their own lives and responsibilities going on have decided to make this the last Christmas with Ethan and cutting the tradition. So to make it the best Xmas ever, they finally score tickets to the best Xmas party that secretly happens every year, The Nutcracka Ball but unable to attend until now. Hijinks ensues.

download (2)

The boys doing some Karaoke.

This is definitely a buddy comedy with over the top physical comedy that is for the adults and kid at hearts. A lot of the jokes are sex and drug related. Of course what comedy nowadays doesn’t have the minimum of gay jokes and innuendos in them. This movie does have a moment of “getting real” and have a couple of serious moments as its time for the child to become a man.

download (1)

Seth Rogen imitating Jesus on the cross.

If you plan on seeing this movie, please please PLEASE! be a fan of Seth Rogen. I don’t agree with this but apparently you either love him or hate him when it comes to his sense of humor and acting. I will say that he brings most of the laughs from the movie. I also think he delivers quite well in this film. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments watching him. You get the “Neighbors and This is the End” vibe but those movies I think were a lot smarter in the script and plot. Think of this movie along the realm of Half baked or Harold and Kumar movies.

The cast is solid in its supporting cast. You will see a lot of people who have become more seen or popular in the last couple of years in movie and tv. There are definitely a good amount of cameos as well. Jonathan Levine does a great job in creating a good holiday movie. This will definitely go under the great list of other anti-holiday films. What I mean by that is a Christmas themed movie while being the complete opposite of a family film.

+1 Engaged and alert with laughter
+1 acting was great. Seth Rogen brings it
+1/2 for good story but predictable and over the top antics but has heart.
+1/2 recommendation. I officially recommend watching this if you like raunchy adult comedies. No rush in seeing it at the movies vs. waiting for Blu-ray or Netflix.
+1 replay value. I would watch this again. Maybe next year.

Total – 4 points out of 5

The trailers at the beginning: The Boss YES, Deadpool HELL YES, How to be single EH LOOKS OKAY, Dirty Grandpa COULD BE GOOD, Pride + Prejudice + Zombie NOPE.

Once again, thanks for reading my review. I hope it helped. I’d like to hear from you and what you thought of the movie. Please comment below.