Ep.17: Forrest Gump


Life is like the Oscars on ABC, you never know what you are gonna get. Join us on another sprint through another episode reviewing another title Shawn and Rob has never seen before. Guess what? We didn’t agree on a lot of points in this movie. This is a first. Find out our first impressions of this Oscar winning movie. We learn why its not good to talk to strangers, what we think of that new Oscar category, and is Jenny (Robin Wright) the worst love interest in movie history?

Enjoy Ep. 17 Forrest Gump

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Movie Review: The Circle Provided No Depth Causing It To Be A Bit Boring

The Circle is the latest adaptation from book to screen to be released over the weekend. From the trailer, this looked like a “Black Mirror” episode ready to happen where technology takes center stage and sneaks in from the backdoor takes over our lives without even realizing it.


When I see that a movie is based on a bestseller or a novel with a lot of buzz, I expect the story is innovative or at least different from the millions of stories that can be adapted. I admit that I was intrigued and curious to see how they were going to pull the story of a pseudo Google HQ called The Circle breaking out their new technology of marble size cameras all over the world for instant real time views to make sure that everyone, especially government officials, are transparent and not hiding everything to make sure that the American people are aware of their countries leaders.

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