Review: The Dark Universe Is Off To A Shaky Start With The Mummy.

  So I am a little late to the game here. Took me a while to get this review out but I am finally here to let you all in on how this film did from an entertainment perspective. The next big franchise from Universal Studios is The Dark Universe. In the same structure as the Marvel Cinematic Universe also known as MCU and the D.C. Extended Universe also known as DCEU, the Dark Universe will be a series of films that all take place in the same timeline and same universe where even though each movie will be different they will all have a common bond and that’s the setting. The first of many films to come is The Mummy which is one of the many featured monsters that will be used to create the Dark Universe made famous back in the early 30’s and so on. 

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Double Take: Vanilla Sky

Cameron Crowe, what a trippy ass movie.

This week I chose Vanilla Sky. I almost went with V for Vendetta but I wanted to revisit Vanilla Sky because I remember the ending was so confusing, unique, and interesting at the time I saw it. I had never seen a twist like that before so I really wanted to have a smart moment and impress my friends I went with to explain it to them. I remember we were all confused for the most part. A twist like this would possibly be predictable  with today’s audience because in some variation it has been done many times by now. Kudos to Crowe for breaking out this adapted screenplay when he did. At least for me it was new. Sadly, that was the only thing I remembered when popping in my old DVD copy of Vanilla Sky to watch it again. It was like watching the movie again for the first time. The only thing was is that I know how it ends. I’ll explain what I thought of the movie this time around after the jump.

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