Recommendations: The Game (1997)

Back again with another recommendation for you followers. I trust that you already know of this amazing film but in case you don’t I want to introduce you to a smart clever and twisty movie called The Game. To this day, this is one of the first movies that I watched that made me feel like an adult. With the cast, the plot, the tone, this movie shouldn’t have been on my radar as interest given how young I was when I watched it. I walked out feeling very sophisticated watching such an adult movie that made you think, pay attention, and listen to dialogue more than watching things blow up in front of you to keep you engaged.

The Game (1997)

Director: David Fincher
Writers: John Brancato & Michael Ferris

Cast: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger, and James Rebhorn

Plot: A wealthy banker on his 48th Birthday is set as an example as to test out what you give a man who has everything. That very gift is an opportunity to participate in a game. An interactive game involving mystery and adventure which turns his life upside down not knowing what is reality and what is the game.

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Movie Review: The Circle Provided No Depth Causing It To Be A Bit Boring

The Circle is the latest adaptation from book to screen to be released over the weekend. From the trailer, this looked like a “Black Mirror” episode ready to happen where technology takes center stage and sneaks in from the backdoor takes over our lives without even realizing it.


When I see that a movie is based on a bestseller or a novel with a lot of buzz, I expect the story is innovative or at least different from the millions of stories that can be adapted. I admit that I was intrigued and curious to see how they were going to pull the story of a pseudo Google HQ called The Circle breaking out their new technology of marble size cameras all over the world for instant real time views to make sure that everyone, especially government officials, are transparent and not hiding everything to make sure that the American people are aware of their countries leaders.

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The Sexy Thriller Unforgettable Is Unfortunately Forgettable

800x450_1We have the first catfight of 2017. Two women who will go through great lengths to make sure they come out in the end victorious with the family they have always wanted. Both trying to outwit and outsmart each other but only one will become Best Mom of the Year. Before the fight, let’s introduce you to the two leading ladies:

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Movie Review: The Girl With All The Gifts is Original And Clever.

Based on the novel and screenplay of writer Mike R. Carey, director Colm McCarthy who is more known for his work on British TV series brings to life a unique and clever take on the zombie apocalypse. You thought you have seen it all with 28 days later. This movie will change the way you look at the “undead” or the virus that makes humans thirst for human blood. 

In this feature the setting is a dystopian time when a fungus have infected most of the world and the victims who have turned into ravenous cannibals have taken over. They are known as “the hungries”. I love the clever names each zombie movie comes up with besides using the term “zombies”. In the center is Melanie, who is known as a 2nd generation of hungries who were born or infected during the beginning of the end. The difference being that they still have intelligence and can speak and talk as if they were fully human but still crave the human flesh. Melanie could be the key to a cure but before we can find out all hell breaks loose and on the run is a scientist (Glenn Close) whose only purpose is to use Melanie for her trial to the cure and a teacher (Gemma Arterton) who has been teaching a group of 2nd gen hungries at a military base. Melanie has grown close to this teacher and the 3 along with a couple of Military men try to survive amongst the havoc.


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Movie Review: The Belko Experiment Will Either Stress You Out, Feel Disgusting, or Both

The Belko Experiment is one experiment that will be too much for anyone who has worked in an office to handle.

You think office jobs where you sit at a cubicle all day staring at a computer screen is boring. Try working at Belko Industries and see if you feel the same way. After watching The Belko Experiment I don’t believe I could ever look at my day job the same ever again. 

With a headcount of 80 employees on just a normal day of going into work, they are about to embark on a day that they did not see coming and couldn’t possibly wrap their heads around what was in store for them.

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Review: Get Out Is A Shocking Effective Thriller With A Mix Of Laughs and Scares.

As Black History Month comes to a close for the year, America is given a film that not only gives us some wonderful entertainment and its topic is dealing with the struggle of oppression against African-Americans and people of color. Get Out brings out the stereotypes and racism faced with black people and the complex reactions to interracial dating with a suspenseful twist. It may even make black men think twice about dating a white woman.

Jorden Peele, who is known for his role in the sketch comedy show “Key & Peele”, took a stab at giving us scares but still providing a bit of comedy with smart script. This story is about Chris Washington played by Daniel Kayuula (Sicario, Kick-Ass 2) a black man who has agreed to spend the weekend at his girlfriend Allison’s parents house in the country. Allison just happens to be a white and Chris is a little hesitant to meet them because this is the first time she has brought a black man home to meet them. Once there he notices a lot of obvious awkwardness and underlined racism but that something isn’t right with this family and the people who work for them.

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Review: A Cure For Wellness Is An Eerie Ride Longer Than It Has To Be.

My goal with watching A Cure For Wellness was to get an intriguing unique puzzle to solve and get creeped out in the process. The trailer definitely gives you that vibe that you are going to be taken on a wild and weird ride questioning what is real and what isn’t. The sales pitch was great but they took a very long time to close the deal.


Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, Kill Your Darlings) plays Lockhart, an ambitious money hungry executive sent on a mission to retrieve his companies CEO to complete a merger that will make him and the other board members a lot of money. The CEO Mr. Pembroke is staying in a sanctuary in the Swiss Alps run by Volmer played by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter Series) where they give patients and opportunity to go through treatments and the cure to help with their illness. During this journey Lockhart uncovers a mystery that doesn’t want to be discovered.

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