Ep. 6: Strangers on a Train

Movie Geeks, it is time for me to review a movie I haven’t seen before. I explore the world terror, suspense, and circumstance in the 1951 classic Strangers on a Train, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I am not too familiar with his films so it was nice to be able to view this movie along with my friends Shawn and James. We discuss the film from the plot, to the characters, to the cinematography. Are black and white films still relevant? Who still talks to random strangers? Also, is it really necessary to remake this film? We answer all of this and more in this episode of Movie Geek & Proud. Enjoy the show.

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Movie Review: Split

M. Night “What a twist” Shyamalan is back!

Let me just go on record, in case I haven’t before in any of my postings that I enjoy watching M. Night Shyamalan movies all the time. Good or bad I always admire his unique ways of storytelling from his original works and for a while there, he always manages to surprise me with something that was written and played out on film in front of me that I didn’t see before. That comes with great skill in writing and direction. 

Yelling, “WHAT, WOW, I can’t believe it.” at the end of the movie and I found myself still shaking after leaving the theatre because of how shocked I was. 

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