Review: Wonder Woman Is An Example That The DCEU Is Headed In The Right Direction

Since its announcement of Gal Gadot’s (Fast And Furious Series) involvement to play Wonder Woman, the movie has been looked at as the movie not to hold your breath for. With its predecessors not getting great praise leading the Cinematic Universe DC Comics is creating, there just wasn’t much hope that a female superhero lead played by an unknown that “didn’t look the part” would not succeed and of course like every other doubt in casting it turns out it ended up being the right one.

Wonder Woman is breaking records, creating history, and telling all those naysayers that behind every good man is a woman. Female director Patty Jenkins, whose involvement includes directing 2003’s Monster starring Charlize Theron and also directing episodes of The Killing and Entourage on the small screen, brings Wonder Woman to the big screen showing so far the glue keeping this movie series alive.

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)

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Movie Review: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Rarely do I get a chance to watch these direct to video or direct to blu-ray, whatever is said nowadays, full length animated features. When I do, they are a lot of fun to watch and more adult than I would imagine. Say what you will about the DCU live action movies but what DC has over Marvel are their small screen films featuring our favorite heroes. These movies seem to have a way of keeping it light and fun enough for young teenagers to watch but making them just adult enough for those pushing 30 or even 40 and not feel like a kid watching them. 

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is just one of the few that have been released this year and more to come after this latest feature. The theme seems to be darker and a little moody then the others. The colors and tones are different and you can even tell in the choice of animation that they are trying to get away from the happy childlike look for them. If you were to look up the animation used on the CN (Cartoon Network) “Teen Titans Go” animation and compare it with this movie, you will see a huge difference. 


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Movie Review: Saban’s Power Rangers Is a Great Example Of What A Reboot Is Suppose To Look Like.

Saban’s Power Rangers directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac), took a childhood TV show and made it modern and up to date while keeping its core essence intact from where it started. This is a definitely a reboot as we get an origin story of how five teenagers who don’t know each other being brought together by fate to become the next generation of superheroes to protect the town of Angel Grove as well as Earth from menacing alien creatures and villains who want to conquer Earth.

  I honestly welcome reboots and remakes because it’s a way to see a story and characters you already know and told from a different perspective. These movies should definitely be used towards material that was not good the first or maybe even second time around (Hint Hint Super Mario Bros.

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Review: The Lego Batman Movie is Fun, Entertaining, and Extremely Nostalgic.

Let’s just say that the ads around L.A. It is hard to walk down any street in Hollywood without seeing a poster, overhead billboard, and also commercials all over TV advertising this film. With every glimpse made me even more excited to see this film. So you can say that my expectation is pretty high going in. 


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