Movie Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Provides the Tragedy To Vol. 1’s Comedy

The long-awaited sequel to Marvel’s other dysfunctional family is back for Vol. 2 after a three year break. Star-lord, Gamora, and the rest of the gang are back to save the galaxy once again without many noticing this time around solidifying their superhero status and learning more about each other and themselves to be a better team. 

The biggest story comes from Star-lord as he learns the identity of his long lost Father who has been closer than anyone thought. Through his discovery Star-Lord learns more about himself and his origin that will change him forever. Meanwhile, during a botched deal with the alien race The Sovereign, they are also on the run to stay alive from the vengeful leader Ayesha.

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Double Take: A look back into X-men (2000)


A look back at a movie I dreamed of living but at the same time felt too close to home.

I remember my first time watching X-men on tv. It was the Saturday morning cartoon that introduced me to the wonderful world of mutants and the X-men. I fell in love with it right away as a proud geek who watched it thinking one day will my superpowers come into play when I am a teen.

This franchise has seen its ups and downs with trying to live up to the highly expectation of the comic book and cartoon we all grew up with. The casting, special effects, even down to the sound that wolverine’s claws make when they come out of his hands were important in making these films successful. For the most part, the series is loved by many and have many devoted fans who will stick by the series no matter which direction they take. I couldn’t wait to watch this film on the big screen let alone get live action likeness of the characters I grew up with. Just seeing them on screen made me fall in love with this movie and made me look forward to each and every sequel thereafter. However, with that in mind, my geeking out may have blinded me from really critiquing this movie for what it is. Was the first one brought to us by Bryan Singer a good comic book adaptation? I tend to find out as I rewatched the movie again after 17 years.

1 hour and 44 mins later….

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Are Comic Book Movies Allowed to be Original?

In the past few months there has been a number of Superhero movies released for the fans in continuing the ongoing story in their respective universes. If you have been reading up on the latest news in the geek world, you will notice that there hasn’t been much respect for the movies that have come out lately. Some are not excited over the way they are adapting storylines from the comics; others are claiming that these epic battles between legendary icons are a lackluster and lost its potential to be amazing. All of these opinions are valid but it does raise a question; Can these movies be adapted for the silver screen successfully while deviating from the original script a.k.a. the comics?

Here are my thoughts on the latest superhero movies released into the world for our geeky pleasure. My opinion is in no way the final or only word on the subject. My opinion also comes from the perspective of not knowing too much of its origin in the comics. This is strictly commentary on the original work of the directors without comparison any other movie, cartoon, or comic.

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