Review: Kong Skull Island Where The Creatures Outshined Their Human Co-Stars

It took me a little while to see this movie. That should tell you something already about this film. Let’s face it, you know the story. With King Kong, the movies that feature the oversize primate seem to have the same thing happening but just in a different location. So in that regard, it’s very important that the words “Skull Island” is included in the title because the location and its inhabitants is what makes this film fun and entertaining.

John Goodman plays Bill Randa, a scientist who is bored of his life and can’t help with tamper with things meant to kept hidden takes a group of soldiers to an unknown Island to discover that life and evolution has been amped up encountering many creatures including our beloved Kong.

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Movie Review: The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s 8th film The H8ful(hateful) Eight doesn’t disappoint with its sharp wit, amazing chemistry, and a brilliant cast. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing it Christmas weekend when the movie was in 70mm and a longer version than the 2 hour and 47 min run that I saw in digital. So that is an experience, I won’t be able to have. Either way, it doesn’t take away from the experience you will have when you see his latest film.


I love the plot of this movie. The scenario of strangers all in one place, nowhere to go, all with secrets and deception waiting to be exposed. Especially when you can have this all unfold in one day makes it even more exciting. In this scenario, It’s John Ruth a.k.a The Hangman played by Kurt Russell escorting Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character criminal/bounty Daisy Domergue. While traveling through a blizzard that gets worse by the minute, he encounters a couple of travelers along the way which he decides to help with a ride and finally gets shelter at a haberdashery where they encounter the rest of the cast. Of course this doesn’t suit well with Kurt Russell as he believes one or more of these strangers is working with his prisoner. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

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