Ep.21 Ace Ventura Pet Detective


Alrighty then MGs, we have a jam-packed episode for you today. One of our longest running recordings and probably one of the funniest ones we have done is here. We honor one of the funniest men in entertainment: Jim Carrey by reviewing one of his biggest hits, Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
Along with the review, we have 3 mins or less reviews for you, Shawn is going to recommend song that goes with the movie, and our Proud Movie Draft game is back. Drafting Jim Carrey movies. Listen out for a bit of movie news and triva throughout the episode and enjoy Movie Geek & Proud.

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Intro/itunes comments – 0:00 – 4:13
Month of Oct. (Horror)/Halloween – 4:15 – 7:26
Question of the week – 7:32 – 16:00
Movies with the Mrs. Promo – 16:03 – 17:05
3 min or less reviews – 17:09 – 28:44
Review Ace Ventura – 28:44 – 1:14:21
Listeners comments – 1:14:22 – 1:16:13
Shawn’s sound booth time – 1:16:13 – 1:17:56
Proud Movie Draft No. 5: Jim Carrey 1:17:56 – 1:33:53
Next Week on…1:33:53 – 1:36:04
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