Ep.45: Captain Marvel


Here is another mega episode for you. Nick is back as our special guest tradition with the superhero movies as we review Captain Marvel. Join us for some hijinks, haterade, and hilarious coverage of the latest film from the MCU. It’s a long review but we dive into the comics and compare it with the movie, announce the #proudmoviedraft lottery winner, discuss if there is anyone who can currently take on CM in the ring and much more. 

Enjoy this plus size episode of Movie Geek & Proud.

0:00 – 9:00 Intro Capt. Marvel backstory
9:02 – 21:10 Capt. Marvel review spoiler free
21:12 – 25:18 Dregs of Craigs podcast/segment
25:20 – 31:00 Proud Movie Draft Winner and lottery winner
31:05 – 1:12:10 Capt. Marvel Review w/spoilers
1:12:10 – 1:20:10 Question of the Week
1:20:15 – 1:24:30 Avengers: Endgame theories
1:24:30 – 1:26:16 Shawn’s soundbooth time/Next week on…

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