Bitch I Ain’t Scared A Horror Podcast: Episode 3: TV Rots Your Brain

Listen to Episode 3 as we drink a glass of haterade and give shade on the horror TV shows we just hated or disappointed on how bad they were. Shows that were an EPIC FAIL.

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Bitch I Ain’t Scared: Mother’s Day Special

Tune in to listen to our bonus surprise episode of Bitch I Ain’t Scared: A Horror Podcast.

In this episode we share our thoughts on the Mothers who are just too crazy you would be scared to talk back to. Also we cover the Mothers and Mother figures who saved the day against all types of threat to keep their youngins safe from harm.

Of course in addition to our Mothers in horror and Sci-Fi we talk about some of those problem kids who were just too much to handle.

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Bitch I Ain’t Scared: A Horror Podcast

Among all the movie genres I review on my blog; my absolute favorite of them all are horror movies. I enjoy a good scary thriller or suspense every once in a while and definitely enjoy talking about them.

Along with a friend of mine, we decided to start a podcast to talk about all of our favorite movies in the genre and look back at all the movies from the past that created such a love for horror. No topics left out, we will be covering movies, TV, video games, books, comics, all types of horror movies. 

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