Movie Review: Train To Busan Gives Us a New Kind Of Zombie.

Sang-ho Yeon brings us an exhilarating and probably one of the most high energy and entertaining zombie movies. Without watching the trailer for this movie I decided to watch this film knowing little to nothing about it except for the plot of a father who is traveling with his daughter to Busan by train which at the same time a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, they must stay alive among the ones infected on the train. 

I would advise not watching the trailer when you watch this because you will be surprised with how different these zombies are that I believe will enhance your viewing with the element of surprise. In case you are curious here is the trailer:

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Movie Review: Do I sound gay?

“Do I sound gay? No, seriously, do I sound gay?” This is not a quote from the movie but something that I have said once or twice in my life after coming out. I heard of this documentary last year. Not many opportunities to go to festivals to check movies like these but found out it was on Netflix and wanted to watch it right away.


Director David Thorpe

David Thorpe, brings this question to light for millions of people to see and start the conversation. The subject: One of the MANY stereotypes gay men have to endure that apparently define us as a person and sexual preference. Our voice. Can our voice determine if someone is straight or gay? He decides to make a film interviewing celebrities, friends, family, and randoms on the street on the subject. He also decides to research and take speech classes to “man up” his voice and sound more “straight”.

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Are people watching movies for the movie or something else?


Let me set the scene for you that inspired this question.

Location: At work
Players: My boss and I
Time: Tuesday, Dec. 1st 7:30p

Boss: I can’t wait to get out of here. I’ll be happy if we finish early.
Me: You and me both. It will be good to get home earlier.
Boss: I have a HOT date tonight.
Me: HOT? Really?
Boss: Yes, we are doing Netflix tonight. *wink

Now when I heard this I had this immediate reaction of When did Netflix become a “hot” date? Having a movie night with a date or that special someone was nice because I was watching a movie with someone. It was less about what it led to. Yes, it could lead to other things after or sometimes during but actually watching the movie was the good part of the date. Call me a little old fashion but I actually don’t mind a “netflix” night without a little nookie afterwards. It was just the way my boss said it and gave me a look I got the impression that when Netflix is involved it means Bow chicka WOW WOW.


So I ask, are movies being watched for the movie or something else? Who out there still enjoy watching movies for the sake of watching movies? I still enjoy watching movies with friends whether at the movies or inside of a home. Now, it could just be with the people I associate with but I can’t remember when I had an authentic movie night where sex wasn’t expected in the same night.

Now its not all about sex. Sometimes movies are watched just for the reason of just being close with someone. I’ve had my single friends tell me they don’t watch movies that much anymore because they are too busy or there is nothing good out. However, when on a date, its movie time. My friends who have partners do nothing but watch movies all the time while being at home together. I am getting the vibe that the joy of just going to a movie for the sake of the movie is not good enough anymore. Given a chance to be with your boo, bae, or honey you will put in the effort.

Movie prices are definitely high these days. Most movies are not as good as they use to be as far as original stories vs remakes and sequels all the time. Is that the reason for such a disinterest?

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Now I am not applying this to everyone. Of course there are still plenty of people who enjoy going. Once in a while, I will go to a movie with friends. I would even witness a group of friends at the movies watching it together. So they are out there but you have to admit its not that much as it use to be in the past. I remember back when midnight shows were a special event and you gather your friends to go and have a good time. Staying up that late, paying the money, that was enough for a good time.

exhibit A

The first time I heard of “Netflix and Chill” I thought it was clever and definitely made sense for the millennials. However, the literal definition of the phrase is something I never agreed with. Now I am no prude, don’t get me wrong. I just wonder if its used as a ploy to get your partner into bed without really enjoying the movie together at all. A game move if you will or is it a role playing scenario. I don’t know. What I do know is if someone told me they wanted to “Netflix and chill” you better pick a movie I have already seen before. I am a moviegeek. You ask me over for a movie, we are going to watch a movie. Hitting on me during it is a turn off. Just speaking the truth. #moviegeekrealness

So I will give the floor to you. Moviegeeks, do you still enjoy a movie for the movie? Is using your free time to watch a movie only worth it if its with a significant other or a gateway to sex?

Let me know folks. What do you think?