Review: Despicable Me 3 Provides Just Enough To Keep The Fans Busy Until The Next Chapter

Despicable Me franchise isn’t well known for its gut bursting laughs or remembered movies. The film does have some good qualities bringing us the Minions who are a merchandise gold when it comes to marketing and sales. Steve Carell’s name attached to it with his unique voice acting to the lead character Gru just as unique as Mike Myers is to Shrek. What they lack in big laughs for both kids and adults they make up with a lot of heart. The story of a villain turned parent and hero overnight is a nice story.


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Movie Review: Sausage Party

Sausage Party gives you that R rated Toy Story”esque” movie you have always wanted but with food. Hardcore adult humor with likeable characters makes this a hit.

Seth Rogen and family are back together again for a raunchy comedy almost 90 mins long on how food reacts to what happens to you when you are bought and leave the grocery store. Let’s just say that their reaction is not suitable for children. I am telling you that every sentence in the script has some kind of swear word or inappropriate phrase you wouldn’t hear come out of your parent’s mouth. Unless you have those type of parents which in your case this movie was made just for you.

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