Review: John Wick Is Back in Chapter 2 And Vengeance Is Still A Good Look On Him

Just as a recap, the first film brought us a boy has girl, boy loses girl, boy gets a puppy, boy loses puppy and car to a dumbass, boy is pissed and seeks revenge, boy gets revenge story. Typical action film. With a whole lot of bang, bang, pow, punch, kick, flip, stab, stab all in between. Now Chapter 2 begins with him completing his mission by getting his car back and going back home to lock this away and finally be at peace but someone from his past that he is indebted to has come to collect since John Wick has resurfaced. John refuses to pay his debt so once again his life is disrupted in a way that calls for more vengeance and justice. You think he is tired and banged and bruise to fight again. John Wick is just getting started.

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