Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose is a genuine family movie

If you happen to be a dog owner, love family dramas, or have a sentimental heart, make sure to bring the tissues with you when you see the latest family drama told in the point of view of a dog who took on many names in the movie. If you remember, I posted this trailer on this blog a while ago already betting that I was going to lose it during this film with tears running down my eyes. There were no onions in site by the way. It was because the film was actually pretty good. Anyone who has seen the trailer knows the story and what happens throughout the film. Even though, you know this bit of information, there is a lot of story and character development to tug at your heartstrings. 

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This Movie Is Going To Ruin Me But In A Good Way.

What an amazing idea for a movie and Josh Gad, who brought Olaf from Frozen, alive and into our lives is the PERFECT choice to voice the main character of this movie which happens to be a dog.

So how is it going to ruin me? Just watch the trailer and you will see.

See! Don’t you see what I mean? Have you grabbed your box of tissues yet? If so, you know you are going to have all the feels by the end of this movie. Marley and Me made me col (cry out loud) to the point where you can’t breathe and you need to catch your breath to let out more sobs and tears.

This movie is going to do the same. I can feel it. What do you think moviegeeks? Does this movie look good to you? Comment below.