Mother! Is An Intense And Dark Puzzle You Want To Desperately Solve

Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream, Black Swan). When you hear that name, and know he is directing a movie, you know you are in for some off-the-wall, artistic, unique, and sometimes intense cinematic experience. His latest feature, Mother!, fits all the categories I just listed and much more.

This review is going to be really short compared to my other post because this movie should be seen with the least knowledge as possible. My goal is just to give you a sense of expectation and my thoughts and opinions regarding the film.

mother cast

The synopsis is about a couple’s quiet and tranquil home in the country interrupted by unwanted guests that shake up their home testing the strength of their relationship. The couple in question is Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. Lawrence is renovating their home while Bardem is a writer of poems trying to come up with his next masterpiece are visited by some unwanted guests, specifically Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris. I think the cast is phenomenal in their roles and really deliver the intensity asked for by Aronofsky. There is no question that they will not entertain you on screen. I was really impressed with Pfeiffer’s character particularly and you will see why.

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Movie Review: The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2

“Real or Not Real”

So the time has come. The final movie to the successful franchise regarding a war between Good&Evil, Rich&Poor Katniss Everdeen & President Snow. The movie was a good mix of action and drama. More on the latter as we learn the outcome of 12 districts and also a conclusion of that love triangle you all have been following from the beginning. At least for me and those of you who only watched the movies and not the books.

Yes, this review is based on what I saw from the movies and not from what happened in the books. So there is no comparison or influence in my score for the movie. Overall, I liked the movie. Was it the best? Ehhhh.. I wouldn’t say that. I have no doubt that this last installment will be successful financially but I do prefer one or two of the previous films over this one.


We start the story where MockingJay Pt 1 left off. As 2 movies broken into 2 tend to do. Peeta just finished proving to Katniss and those watching that size doesn’t matter and to watch out for the little guys. After dealing with that bit of drama the story moves forward with a plan to continue to recruit from the remaining districts to fight against The Capitol. Part of their strategy is to continue the propaganda and sort of manipulative ways to encourage those to fight with Katniss. It is all or nothing at this point, in many different ways and the movie doesn’t waste time getting started.

The action is brought in with President Snow turning his district into an updated Labyrinth with him as The Goblin King in the center with traps, creatures, and peacekeepers there to stop her.

I thought this movie was entertaining but a little slow in the beginning. I heard rumors of this third book being very slow and a little depressing. I would say the movie carried that same theme but definitely gave us something to watch as far as the excitement we received from the previous movies. I thought the writing for the second half was good. They definitely needed to break these two movies apart to tell this full story. They brought back a lot of familiar faces and closed a lot of loose ends but then opened up more. The action is brought in with President Snow turning his district into an updated “Labyrinth” with him as The Goblin King in the center with traps, creatures, and peacekeepers there to stop her. Let me say that they don’t disappoint in that delivery.


Liam Hemsworth (Gale) Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) heading through the capitol.

I thought the acting was solid as well. The cast has always been great in this movie. Jennifer doesn’t disappoint giving us a leader, a hero, a women who is struggling with the responsibility of being a face of a revolution. She is a strong actress that definitely brings the confidence while hiding fear in the back of her mind through this movie. You also believe the love she has for her family and friends. Even the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman is back in this film. Which you can tell they had to CGI him into some scenes. We miss you Phil. I have to give it to Josh Hutcherson who gave a good performance as well as a damaged Peeta who is struggling with what is real and not real since his time in captivity.

Overall, this movie was about trust and hope for me. I found myself questioning the ties she has with her alliance and also what is and what isn’t acceptable when going to war. At the end of the day, is Katniss’s mission worth all that has happened since The first Hunger Games movie. It is slow in some parts and has a very weird abrupt close towards the end but I think it is worth seeing if you have been watching up till now. If anything, seeing this at the movies benefits you with the jumps and scares that comes from the action of the film. They deliver on more suspenseful action than just your “kill kill explosion kill kill” kind of action.

+1 Didn’t fall asleep
+1/2 Writing
+1 Acting
+1 recommendation
0 Replay value No need to see it but once.

Total: 3 1/2 points out of 5

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