If You Enjoyed “Boo! A Madea Halloween”, Then You Will Enjoy Boo 2!

This review is a little bit of a rant on the hatred of Tyler Perry movies as well as a brief telling of the latest horror comedy brought to you by Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is a direct sequel from the first. I remember being led to believe in the first one that the sassy, ain’t having it, old woman Madea, played by Tyler Perry himself, would be dealing with actual monsters. Sadly that wasn’t the case but nonetheless, the movie still gave me the laughs I was expecting.

The film picks up a year after the first one with Tyler Perry’s character Brian, nephew to Madea, celebrating his daughter’s 18th birthday. In the first one, she was not allowed to party with frat boys because she was too young. Now that she is 18 she feels a bit freer from the rules and takes up the opportunity to party again with said frat but this time at a lake where it’s rumored 10 kids were murdered. Upping the stakes for illegal shenanigans and possible promiscuity, he forbids it but of course she goes anyways and it’s up to Madea and pals to go up there and protect her…because that’s what family does. Hallelujer! Praise the Lordt!


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Happy Death Day Is a Movie You Want to Watch Over and Over Again


It’s October, the time to celebrate and embrace all things fear. That includes lots and lots of horror movies. Whether it is at the movies or on Netflix and Amazon, horror movies get released quicker than usual. With this particular October, it just so happens that we get a Friday the 13th day as well. That particular combo doesn’t come around that often but when it does you can definitely expect a horror movie to be released on that day. That movie this year is called Happy Death Day. A play on words from Happy Birthday, Happy Death Day, is a horror comedy told in the same structure as the popular cult classic comedy Groundhog Day.

College girl Tree Gelbman, wakes up in a guy’s dorm room after a drunken night and navigates through her day like normal only it’s her birthday. That very evening she is attacked by a masked person who kills her with a knife. The next moment after her death she wakes up in the same dorm room she woke up in at the beginning of her day. She learns that after she died the day has reset itself and she is the only one who can remember what happened to her. She is now repeating the same day over again and it always ends with her dying. Now she has to repeat the day over and over until she can solve her murder and unmasked the killer.

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Movie review: Krampus

Krampus gives us a look into an urban legend played out on screen with little laughs, a few scares, but with a great lesson to be told. Love thy family during the holidays or you are doomed.

For those that know me, they know that I love a good horror movie. If I am not being scared by them than I would rather have a laugh and a good time while watching. Michael Dougherty co wrote and directed this fun horror comedy once again involving one of the greatest holidays of the year. Before it was Trick r’ Treat, which has become one of my favorite movies of all times. Now it’s Krampus.

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This movie shows what happens when you decide to be naughty for Christmas and don’t have the Christmas spirit. This tale focuses on a very Dysfunctional family who get together every year for Christmas but would rather not be with each other as there is lots of resentment, jealousy, and hate throughout the members. In the center is Max (Emjay Anthony), a hopeful child who still believes in Santa, even though he is old enough to know he is not real and is the only one that wants the family to get along and have Christmas be like it use to be. Unfortunately, the family brings his spirits down and instead of being hopeful he is full of rage and accidentally summons the demon Krampus to wreak havoc on the family.


“His name is Krampus. He and his helpers did not come to give, but to take.”

If you think your family is bad, this family led by Toni Collette & Adam Scott will make your family look like the Brady Bunch. Right from the start we are given plenty of examples as to why this family needs HOURS of therapy. That pretty much takes the first 20 mins of the movie. You will get most of the laughs during this time segment.


(Left to Right) Toni Collette, Emjay Anthony, Allison Tolman, David Koechner, and Concheta Ferrell

Each family member with their own way of making your jaw drop in shock or a good laugh with blunt honesty in regards to each other. Once the demon is summoned, I’ll tell you the first appearance of the Christmas ghoul is definitely creepy. Bringing his helpers and bags of tricks keeps you interested in “what will they come up with next” feeling. When you think horror comedy you think you are going to get cheesy effects or laughable deaths but this movie actually took a serious tone in my opinion. The family drama was real, the danger and the need to take care of each other was real as well.

They used less CGI and more practical effects. I thought that was a great idea. Something you would see out of a Jim Henson film but darker. Think Dark Crystal mixed with Demonic Toys. Kudos if you know what those movies are. There is a flashback sequence that I think gives the movie a unique signature to what Dougherty’s work is. All the actors held their own. I really enjoyed Emjay’s (Max) acting in this. That kid is going places. Seeing as this movie is PG-13 you are not going to get the creative bloody murder you saw in Trick r’ Treat but the suspense is still there. This is definitely a great example of what a Anti-Christmas movie is giving you creepy and camp all with Christmas songs and a whimsical score in the background to make it authentic. While I could have used some more fright in this film I didn’t find this a waste of time at all.

+1 Fun and camp through and through
+1 Great acting for a horror comedy. You care for this family
+1 Nice fun script and intro to the Krampus story
+1/2 recommendation. This movie isn’t for anyone that is looking for a bloody horror movie. More camp than frightening.
0 replay value. Not worth seeing more than once.

Total 3 1/2 points out of 5 points Camp but not much laughs. Suspense but wasted opportunity on horror.

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