Winchester (2018) Review

Winchester has all the potential for a great movie. It comes with the three H’s: Horror, Haunted House, and Helen Mirren. If any of you remember the trailer, it had everything it needed to be a successful flick. With the Spierig Brothers behind the lens, I was looking forward to getting the bejeezus scared out of me. Unfortunately, what you see is not exactly what you get.


“The award for best entrance in a horror film goes to….” pic provided by

This tale is a true story of Sarah Winchester and the ghostly visitors who in one way or another told her, “If you build it, they will come.” It seems there is another way you can trap ghost and you don’t need a proton pack to do it. It turns out that by building the very room someone died in will draw the victims in that very room and keep them dormant until they can move on to the other side. Targeting the house are the victims of anyone who has died by being shot by the very guns, the Winchester Rifles, Sarah Winchester has made her fortune. There are people who think she is losing her mind so in comes Dr. Eric Price to come in and declare her incompetent so the rest of the investors can take control of the company and the fortune.

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Movie Review: Collateral Beauty

“The movie wasn’t bad. It actually tugged at my gullible side so I walked out satisfied.”

I walked into this movie with a little bit of negativity feedback on my mind. Not many people are either not interested nor happy with this movie. I didn’t hear too much news about it but I heard enough that this is not an Oscar contender. Sometimes hearing a review can affect your perception of a film. Probably go in with low expectations taking some of the pressure of the movie off. I went in with that kind of attitude.


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