Review: A Cure For Wellness Is An Eerie Ride Longer Than It Has To Be.

My goal with watching A Cure For Wellness was to get an intriguing unique puzzle to solve and get creeped out in the process. The trailer definitely gives you that vibe that you are going to be taken on a wild and weird ride questioning what is real and what isn’t. The sales pitch was great but they took a very long time to close the deal.


Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, Kill Your Darlings) plays Lockhart, an ambitious money hungry executive sent on a mission to retrieve his companies CEO to complete a merger that will make him and the other board members a lot of money. The CEO Mr. Pembroke is staying in a sanctuary in the Swiss Alps run by Volmer played by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter Series) where they give patients and opportunity to go through treatments and the cure to help with their illness. During this journey Lockhart uncovers a mystery that doesn’t want to be discovered.

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