Love, Simon Brings A Long Overdue Love Story to Mainstream

It’s about damn time. Greg Berlanti, producer, writer, director known for his work in movies (The Broken Hearts Club, Life as We Know It) and TV (Arrow, Flash), brings us the first gay teen romance movie to the big screen on more screens you would normally see for a movie with a homosexual main plot. Yes, Moonlight may have won the Oscar for best movie last year but that movie only made it on 600+ screens. Love, Simon has made it onto over 2,000 screens. Kudos to 20th Century Fox for taking the chance as the first major studio to release this film under their label.

This honest and heartfelt film adapted from the book “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”, involves Simon, a teenager who has a huge secret he is keeping from his friends, family, and classmates that he is gay. A situation threatens that secret being revealed and he must face those he loves and come to terms with his own identity. The lead playing the loveable and relatable Simon Spier is Nick Robinson, who stole our hearts before in Everything, everything another teen romance adapted from a book. With both his voice in narration and his on-screen presence shines on screen. He did a great job playing Simon in the film.

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Movie Review: Do I sound gay?

“Do I sound gay? No, seriously, do I sound gay?” This is not a quote from the movie but something that I have said once or twice in my life after coming out. I heard of this documentary last year. Not many opportunities to go to festivals to check movies like these but found out it was on Netflix and wanted to watch it right away.


Director David Thorpe

David Thorpe, brings this question to light for millions of people to see and start the conversation. The subject: One of the MANY stereotypes gay men have to endure that apparently define us as a person and sexual preference. Our voice. Can our voice determine if someone is straight or gay? He decides to make a film interviewing celebrities, friends, family, and randoms on the street on the subject. He also decides to research and take speech classes to “man up” his voice and sound more “straight”.

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