Annabelle: Creation is A Wonderful Addition to the Conjuring Franchise


David F. Sandberg, the one responsible for the movie Lights Out, directs the sequel/prequel to the hit movie Annabelle with Annabelle: Creation. Sandberg did a wonderful job with Lights Out with very unique tactics and scares differ from the typical jump scares you see in most movies. To be able to scare veteran horror movie watchers is a skill and with this latest film, this is proof that Sandberg has what it takes.

Annabelle: Creation is a successful follow-up with a direct plot, superb cast, and affective scares. Which means that whether you get easily scared in horror movies or not, you will still be entertaining immensely throughout the picture. Especially to those who are familiar with the character from the previous appearance in the franchise.

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Movie Review: Lights Out

From short film to the big screen. This movie is proof there is no such thing as a small idea.

I remember sitting at work watching the almost 3 min short horror film “Who’s There?” by David F. Sandberg. Scared the crap out of me. I got to say, it was a great intense and adrenaline pumping film as I watch a woman in her own home be terrified by a spirit, entity, ghost, whatever you want to call it stalking her as she is getting ready for bed. When turning off the lights, it’s the only way you are able to see the silent watcher. With an ending of an image of this horrifying face staring into the camera ends the tension as the credits come up.

Clearly, I wasn’t the only one that agreed he was onto something. Producer, writer, and director James Wan is just one of many fans who believe this should be a full length film and the director of the short film David co-wrote with Eric Heisserer (Final Destination 5, Nightmare on Elm Street 2010) and directed the movie Lights Out. This movie excited expectations with its intense scenarios and creative imagery to still make us scared of the dark.

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