The Disaster Artist Review

This review is brought to you by someone who has never seen The Room or know who Tommy Wiseau even is. So, my thoughts on the film doesn’t come with any previous content to compare this true story directed by James Franco who also stars as Tommy Wiseau whose dream is to become a famous movie star. Hollywood doesn’t see him how he sees himself so Wiseau along with a friend, Greg Sestero, played by real life brother Dave Franco, he met in acting class decide to make a movie of their own. With an endless amount of money for budget, and a skeptical staff who is just living the dream assist him on making his vision come true.

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Tommy Wiseau and James Franco. picture via

Written by Wiseau himself, he creates a film that would go down in history as one of the worst movies ever made with one of the biggest unnecessary budgets ever. We get to see the story behind the movie as we witness the love of film between two people who move from San Francisco to Los Angeles to become actors but have trouble getting into the industry. Once they decide to make their own film together, you see the hardship that comes from working with the mind that is Tommy Wiseau. This wasn’t an easy ride for both of them and along the way they are tested to see if fame and fortune is worth risking their friendship for.

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Movie Review: Nerve

Nerve provided some but not many edge of your seat moments but eventually fell short to provide any suspense as towards the third act you can pretty much predict what was going to happen or you weren’t worried of any of our stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco getting hurt.

The plot I have seen more than once as each month a movie on Netflix has the same kind of plot which provides people who have either hit rock bottom or desperate for money or attention to play a game that includes tasks or dares that go from embarrassing to deadly within one day. Nerve however, caters to the milleneals who are obsessed with social media and electronics as a game called Nerve gives you a dare to perform and if you do it and film it for everyone to see you receive money. As the stakes get higher so does the reward. As the night go by our leads discover that these dares are getting more dangerous by the minute and quitting is not an option.

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