Anastasia and Christian Get Closure in Fifty Shades Freed

Well movie geeks, it’s that time, the final chapter to the unbelievable relationship of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. I remember like it was yesterday, or should I say two days ago when I decided to re watch the first one, when Ms. Steele tripped over her own insecurities when those elevators opened and the dapper handsome Mr. Gray helps her up and it was love at first sight. Two movies later full of sex, love, whips, chains, and some of the weirdest conversations between two people and we are at the final chapter of the movie adaptation of the popular book series created by E.L. James and directed by James Foley.


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In the third and possibly final installment, they have gone through all their baggage trying to balance out their wants and needs in the relationship and decide to tie the knot. The wedding is probably the only reasonable and normal scene close to real life that others can relate to. After that, it’s back to being the over the top fantasy out of a romance novel antics we all come to see. So, what do they do for the other hour and thirty minutes? I’ll give you one guess. While they had their clothes on they are dealing with flirty realtors, new bodyguards, and the growing obsession of Anastasia’s old boss Jack as he seeks revenge. You remember Jack, the one who tried to have sex with her in the office but it backfired and he ended up fired and she took his job. Of course, Jack is pissed, but its deeper than that and that gets explored in this film as they try to add more thrills to this thriller.

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Review:Fifty Shades Darker takes one step forward but two steps back.

WARNING: If you clicked on this review, that means that you have just a little bit of curiosity about this film and its characters. Just dig deep and accept that you want to see it. No judgement here. Just deal with it and watch it for yourself. Feel free to do it in private so nobody finds out.

For those readers that saw the first film, Let me start by saying this review is written by a fan of the first one. I didn’t read the books but I saw the first movie and while it lacks great dialogue it still provided a sexy and entertaining escape from the real world for a couple of hours. Like the first movie, I watched the sequel on Valentine’s Day like most of America. My viewing at the movies was sold out at least. Unfortunately, while the sequel provided more depth into the characters of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, the film lacked structure with a cluttered and chaotic script.

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