Detroit Is Frustrating And Difficult To Watch, Which Is A Good Thing


Katherine Bigelow brings the true events of the 1967 Detroit riots to the screen and tells the story about the monstrous and terrible act that took place at the Algiers Motel. Whether you know or not what happened during this horrible time in history, Bigelow shows the seriousness and disadvantage black people had during that time and place. It is intense to see the riots escalate and also difficult to witness on screen the point of no return that will probably stick with me for a long time.

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Movie Review: The Night Before

She “Home Alone’d” me!



Joseph Gordon-Levitt (left) Seth Rogen (center) Anthony Mackie (right)

So its that time of year when we eat lots of food, hang out with close friends and family, open presents (if you are into that) and watch holiday themed movies. One of the recent ones of 2015 is The Night Before. Writer/Director by Jonathan Levine (50/50, All the Boys love Mandy Lane, Warm Bodies) reunites with both Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen from 50/50 with added bonus Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The first Avenger, Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron) for the latest raunchy comedy to hit the screen.

In it you find 3 best friends from a younger age who have been together every Christmas since Ethan’s (Joseph’s character) parents both died. Now in their 30’s both Isaac & Chris Roberts (Seth and Anthony respectively) have their own lives and responsibilities going on have decided to make this the last Christmas with Ethan and cutting the tradition. So to make it the best Xmas ever, they finally score tickets to the best Xmas party that secretly happens every year, The Nutcracka Ball but unable to attend until now. Hijinks ensues.

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The boys doing some Karaoke.

This is definitely a buddy comedy with over the top physical comedy that is for the adults and kid at hearts. A lot of the jokes are sex and drug related. Of course what comedy nowadays doesn’t have the minimum of gay jokes and innuendos in them. This movie does have a moment of “getting real” and have a couple of serious moments as its time for the child to become a man.

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Seth Rogen imitating Jesus on the cross.

If you plan on seeing this movie, please please PLEASE! be a fan of Seth Rogen. I don’t agree with this but apparently you either love him or hate him when it comes to his sense of humor and acting. I will say that he brings most of the laughs from the movie. I also think he delivers quite well in this film. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments watching him. You get the “Neighbors and This is the End” vibe but those movies I think were a lot smarter in the script and plot. Think of this movie along the realm of Half baked or Harold and Kumar movies.

The cast is solid in its supporting cast. You will see a lot of people who have become more seen or popular in the last couple of years in movie and tv. There are definitely a good amount of cameos as well. Jonathan Levine does a great job in creating a good holiday movie. This will definitely go under the great list of other anti-holiday films. What I mean by that is a Christmas themed movie while being the complete opposite of a family film.

+1 Engaged and alert with laughter
+1 acting was great. Seth Rogen brings it
+1/2 for good story but predictable and over the top antics but has heart.
+1/2 recommendation. I officially recommend watching this if you like raunchy adult comedies. No rush in seeing it at the movies vs. waiting for Blu-ray or Netflix.
+1 replay value. I would watch this again. Maybe next year.

Total – 4 points out of 5

The trailers at the beginning: The Boss YES, Deadpool HELL YES, How to be single EH LOOKS OKAY, Dirty Grandpa COULD BE GOOD, Pride + Prejudice + Zombie NOPE.

Once again, thanks for reading my review. I hope it helped. I’d like to hear from you and what you thought of the movie. Please comment below.