Review: Captain Underpants Provides The Fun and Joy Of Being A Kid.

In the same vein as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, another childhood favorite book series has been adapted for our viewing pleasure for the big screen. Captain Underpants come from the mind and illustrative skills of Dav Pilkey. It is about two fourth graders George and Harold, who have the best friendship anyone young or old would want and they both have a wild imagination that they channel to make comic strips. One of their biggest creations is Captain Underpants.

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Movie Review: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Rarely do I get a chance to watch these direct to video or direct to blu-ray, whatever is said nowadays, full length animated features. When I do, they are a lot of fun to watch and more adult than I would imagine. Say what you will about the DCU live action movies but what DC has over Marvel are their small screen films featuring our favorite heroes. These movies seem to have a way of keeping it light and fun enough for young teenagers to watch but making them just adult enough for those pushing 30 or even 40 and not feel like a kid watching them. 

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is just one of the few that have been released this year and more to come after this latest feature. The theme seems to be darker and a little moody then the others. The colors and tones are different and you can even tell in the choice of animation that they are trying to get away from the happy childlike look for them. If you were to look up the animation used on the CN (Cartoon Network) “Teen Titans Go” animation and compare it with this movie, you will see a huge difference. 


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Movie Review: Boss Baby Had a Great Premise But Not Much Laughs

 To be honest, this was not a movie that was on my list to see at first. Adapted from the 2010 children’s book for the same name written and illustrated by Maria Frazee comes the latest DreamWorks Animation feature Boss Baby. The trailer at first didn’t catch my attention as a must see but as I kept watching different trailers close to the release date I started laughing more and more so I figured why not. As long as it’s not a movie like Norm of the North I couldn’t have been that bad. Unfortunately, what I saw didn’t translate well watching the full feature.


The movie had a brilliant voice cast using Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Buscemi, and Tobey Maguire to play the main characters. Leading this feature is Alec Baldwin, who is the perfect actor to play Boss Baby, a briefcase business savvy baby sent to investigate and stop a plot that is making people love baby’s less. The story is told through Boss Baby’s older brother Tim who is use to being an only child and now has to share his parents with the new baby becomes suspicious and finds out that his little brother is no ordinary baby.

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Review: The Lego Batman Movie is Fun, Entertaining, and Extremely Nostalgic.

Let’s just say that the ads around L.A. It is hard to walk down any street in Hollywood without seeing a poster, overhead billboard, and also commercials all over TV advertising this film. With every glimpse made me even more excited to see this film. So you can say that my expectation is pretty high going in. 


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Movie Review: Sing

Sing is one of the best movies I have seen in 2016

Wow, I am pleasantly surprised on how good this movie is. I knew that I would enjoy it but I didn’t know I would like it this much. With an all star cast lending their voice and singing talents to this uplifting and feel good movie kept me smiling from ear to ear the whole time.


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Movie Review: Sausage Party

Sausage Party gives you that R rated Toy Story”esque” movie you have always wanted but with food. Hardcore adult humor with likeable characters makes this a hit.

Seth Rogen and family are back together again for a raunchy comedy almost 90 mins long on how food reacts to what happens to you when you are bought and leave the grocery store. Let’s just say that their reaction is not suitable for children. I am telling you that every sentence in the script has some kind of swear word or inappropriate phrase you wouldn’t hear come out of your parent’s mouth. Unless you have those type of parents which in your case this movie was made just for you.

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Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

“Make your mark”

Pixar’s 16th feature film The Good Dinosaur is visually stunning. Probably some of the best effects I’ve seen. The movie brings the feels but lacks the fun you are use to with Pixar.

If I am not going crazy over the next horror movie ( I can’t wait for Krampus this Friday) I am get giddy when a Disney and/or Pixar movie comes out. So I was very excited to see The Good Dinosaur over last weekend. Knowing little on the plot I knew that it involved the “what if” scenario of what it would look like if Dinosaurs and Man were to coexist. It turns out that Dinosaurs evolve more than humans in this story. They take care of their own and land by farming and growing crops to store for the winters each year.

maxresdefault (1)

Which brings us to the dinosaur of the hour, Arlo, the youngest of three who is a little under developed from his siblings and has a chip on his shoulder to prove to his father and himself that he is fearless, can make his mark in the world, and provide for his family. During this journey he meets his first human, who causes havoc on his land. In an attempt to get rid of them, they are thrown into danger as they journey around the mountains and in the process develop a very close friendship.

See what I mean about the feels. Thats just the tip of this feelings mountain.

This movie provides some great visual effects and some feel good if not cry out loud moments. I am not talking just a tear running down your eyes but its trying to get you to sob. Some are sad tears and some are happy tears. The story was a little bit simple. Nothing really to the plot really. Which I think is okay because it usually saves it with the laughs. That is where the sad tears part comes in. There weren’t many lol moments. Of course I did chuckle once or twice but it wasn’t up to par to some of the hilarious antics and characters from Pixar’s past. Is it just me or was the movie just a little bit stereotyped on the south. Even though this movie takes place 65 million years ago. This movie was really big on the country, farmer, hillbilly sort of vibe that didn’t really sit well with me. Kind of like how everyone was up in arms over the racial profile Lion King was getting over the villains versus the heroes and the voices who played them. An example. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.


Good Dinosaur is a sweet movie that creates a dynamic friendship between a dino and a human that makes this movie watchable. Definitely teaches a great lesson in conquering your fears and to never give up in what you believe in, but sadly comes off a little more depressing than fun. The kids in the auditorium seemed to be paying attention to it very well but I could have categorized this as a full fledge drama and gotten away with it. By the end of the movie, there is even a slight possibility this movie will be forgotten about after 2 hours of leaving the movies. Having this follow up after the amazing Inside Out, which by the way had the same touchy feely moments but still managed to be upbeat, laugh out loud hilarious, along with memorable characters. The Good dinosaur fell short for me.

+1 for awake the whole time just for Spot the human.
+1/2 for okay story, emotional, realism, and life lessons.
+1 on voice work and great animation
0 for recommendation. Worth watching at the movies only for the visual effects
0 for replay value. No desire to see the movie a second time for a while. 

2 1/2 points out of 5

Trailers before the movie were: Finding Dory – Definitely can’t wait. The Little Prince – I didn’t read the book but it looks pretty nice.
Norm of the North – WTF enough said. The puns THE PUNS UGH!
Angry Birds – I actually want to see this one. GREAT voice cast.
Zootopia – I am still on the fence with this movie but check out this trailer. 2nd released trailer and its hilarious.