I Feel Pretty Tackles the Idea of Beauty and Confidence

When I first saw the trailer for this film, this was piggy backing off of the not so well received previous film starring Amy Schumer Snatched. I was a bit skeptical as to what would come next for her, and the trailer to her new comedy I Feel Pretty has a great concept. I was very curious to see what they would do with it. It’s no secret that insecurity is something that we all deal with somewhere in our lives. So this film already has a step up with being relatable. Adding someone to star like Schumer, who is funny and also represents the “real woman”, is a great choice to carry out this idea from co -writer/directors Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein.


Amy Schumer stars as Renee in I FEEL PRETTY. picture via stx.com

This story involves Schumer as Renee Bennett struggling with her insecurities, mostly with her looks, has a bump on the head and wakes up suddenly feeling like she looks completely different but also beautiful even though she looks exactly the same. She now has so much confidence, she uses her “new looks” to go after her dreams which includes a new job opportunity.

Amy Schumer I believe did a great job in this movie. While there were plenty of supporting actors in this movie, she practically was in every scene of the film, most of them had to do with her balls to the wall of just being vulnerable to show her body and personality of someone who is confident and insecure all in one movie. For the most part the jokes and her comedic style worked. Some jokes did fall flat due to editing and timing of the jokes but overall I got a good laugh.

When she starts to get the confidence that she is beautiful, the transition on how it happened gave off this mystical fantasy side to it. That was one of the things I was curious about going in. Will this be her magically transformed like in the film Big, maybe hypnotized how Jack Black was in Shallow Hal, or we will just have to believe her acting that she really believes she looks different? I liked the way they handled it in the film. For a while there was the same run on joke that she looks so different except she looks the same but afterwards, we got to the root of the movie or I guess the message of the film which is that everyone should really love themselves for being different and not what society wants to you to be whether its looks or personality.

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“She looks great but wait till she talks.” picture via socialnews-xyz

The film did a good job in showcasing that anyone can feel indifferent about themselves whether they are male or female. For instance, Renee’s love interest, Ethan, played by Rory Scovel, did a fantastic job knocking down masculine and male stereotypes and representing a side and thoughts some men may feel when it comes to looks. This is what escalated the movie for me. Even though, the movie is more geared towards a female audience, there was something for men to be able to grab from the film as well. As the film dealt with low self-esteem as the main antagonist, the movie did have a romantic story throughout and for most men, they would put this in the chick flick category.

Pausing on Amy Schumer a little bit, I have to say Michelle Williams was almost a scene stealer in this one. Playing the part of Avery LeClaire, a model and spokesperson of LeClaire cosmetics. Fitting for the plot of the film to have Renee work at a cosmetic firm. Williams character while very beautiful has a bit of a “flaw” when it comes to representing the perfect female and this was a character I have never seen her play before. It was really entertaining to watch her on screen.

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“About to bring all the boys to the yard.” Picture via studentedge.org

If you saw the trailer, there is a scene where Schumer’s character Renee enters in a wet bikini contest but doesn’t have a bathing suit so she has to improvise and she also is competing with women who are smaller than her in size. Schumer gets on that stage and works it out. So full of confidence and love for herself, regardless what she looks like, she won them over with her personality and just having fun. What transpired after that scene speaks a lot about the message of the film and what elevated the story for me. At the same time, it felt a little weird laughing through that scene as she was doing ridiculous dancing and completely doing her own thing and not going by the rules of the runway. I almost got this sense that this was a fat joke scene because we are supposed to laugh at someone who is showing more skin then she should because she isn’t skinny. It is a question of “Are we laughing with her or at her?” The movies does come off a little hokey and a bit formulaic. Some jokes do fall flat and aren’t delivered well but overall this movie was good. There are those who may feel that this movie gives an unrealistic view on how “regular” women feel about themselves or giving the idea that the only way you can feel beautiful and have confidence in yourself is if you visually see yourself as the face of what you believe Is to be pretty. It can also rub people the wrong way that every person who believes they are fat or doesn’t fit into the box of what beauty is supposed to be is never confidence and has an unrealistic idea of how the other side of the fence feels. It all depends on your point of view and how you would like to be entertained.

All I could think about during the film was WWJAD what would Judd Apatow do if he had this under his artistic eye. Known for his take on comedy but with heavy realistic and everyday issues, he would have slayed this concept with flying colors. This is more of a film to be seen by women than men but men can enjoy this movie. If you enjoy Amy Schumer’s comedic style, you will enjoy this film. I Feel Pretty has more of a less serious tone than Trainwreck gave. It fell under the normal troupes of a romantic comedy. Which is a little disappointing. Not a movie I need to see again but I enjoyed the plot and its attempt to try to change the game a little. I wouldn’t see this movie to feel empowered or to get some life lesson to take home with you. If anything this movie should be able to bring up a conversation regarding the topic but this movie clearly doesn’t have all the answers. It is meant to make you laugh and hopefully that is achieved if you decide to give this movie a shot.

3 ½ out of 5

Thank you for reading this review. How did you feel about Amy Schumer’s latest comedy? What is your takeaway from the film? Do you think that the movie gives an unrealistic take on how society works when it comes to looks? Comment below your thoughts and make sure to subscribe to receive notifications on future post. Every movie has at least one fan and I’ll see you at the movies.

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Truth or Dare Review

Blumhouse Productions have been on a winning streak in my book when it comes to releasing unique and fun horror films under their brand. Movies such as Get Out, Happy Death Day, and Split. Just like New Line Cinema or Dimension Films in the 90’s and 2000’s, when I see that logo, I know I am in for a horror-ific treat. Blumhouse Productions is starting to become that latest logo for me and their latest film under their resume is Truth or Dare.


Why they agreed to play the game is beyond me. pic via blumhousestruthordare.com

Truth or Dare is the latest teen slasher flick with a mission to take an old fashion horror movie blue print with a different unique approach to the “slasher”. The PG-13 film stars Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) as two of a group of friends who want to spend their last spring break with each other in Mexico before they all separate into adulthood. They stumble upon a stranger who convinces them to go to a specific location to play the game truth or dare. Once they play, they are permanently in the game and have to continue to play or die. Don’t tell the truth, you die, refuse to do the dare, you die.

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A Quiet Place Will Make You Scream

One of the best trailers that I have seen this year that made me lose my breath and be completely glued to the screen is the trailer to A Quiet Place. In case you don’t remember, the teaser trailer was enough to make me fully invested to take my money on opening weekend. See below.

Already, I am interested in where they are going with this. We are not given the backstory, we don’t even know what they look like, and the whole theme was to not make a sound. When the sound finally breaks out in the trailer, I guarantee each theatre I watched it in the audience jumped. This is what I like a horror movie to convey. Let me just say that this movie delivered those scares and a little bit more.

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The Strangers: Prey at Night

A full 10 years goes by and we finally see what are masked faced trio is up to. Keeping away from trailers and articles to spoil any plot points or scares I may notice, I went into this movie about 85% blind of what to expect from this long anticipated sequel to the huge hit The Strangers. While wildly entertaining, it seems that with all that time off, they have decided to go back in time and remove what makes them unique and follow a lot of basic horror tropes you are used to seeing over and over again. You know the ones I’m talking about: splitting up, dropping weapons and the good old’ trip and fall on nothing, etc. Even our modern day killers have decided to jump ship and hop on the basic horror troupe bus with almost being super human. Back in the 80’s, you couldn’t keep a good determined killer down.

prey-at-night bloodydisgusting

Can I borrow a cup of sugar? Picture via bloodydisgusting.com

Instead of tormenting a couple on the verge of breaking up in an isolated cabin, The Strangers: Prey at Night focuses on a family of four on the verge of breaking up. Well at least for one family member. The younger of the two kids, Kinsey (Bailee Madison Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark) is being shipped off to a school for troubled girls because well, she is a teen and instead of parenting we let someone else handle it. On their travels they stop by to visit some relatives along the way in this secluded mobile home park and that is where our story unfolds as Dollface, Pin-up Girl, and Man in Mask are waiting to kill! Kill! Kill! because why not.

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Acrimony Delivers A Compelling and Complex Story About Relationships

Just fresh off of her action packed crime thriller Proud Mary, released back in January of this year; Taraji P. Henson just can’t seem to stay off the big screen. Reunited with director Tyler Perry for their 3rd movie together 2nd playing the lead, Henson delivers a performance full of fire, passion, anger,  ill feeling, resentment, malice, hostility, and bitterness in her latest film. All of that emotion describes the term Acrimony, which is the title of the movie. They picked the perfect person to display all the above and she does it with style in this thriller. I love seeing Henson on screen big and small and while this film shows how much determination she puts into these films, this character somehow stems from a script that puts her over the top in a familiar way you see in Perry’s films.

Before I decided to write this review, I had to see it twice. I also wanted to get different perspectives on the movie from someone else. So I saw the movie twice with two different people and this movie just brings out so many thoughts and conversation. It is not cut and dry as you think. This is a very complex story. I mean, it’s about relationships and what is more complex than that. Never black and white, always a grey area. Some of the emotions I was feeling during this movie were sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment. There were just so many things that happened that could have went the other way and these two love birds could have lived happily ever after.

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Ready Player One is Pure Escapism

One of the most anticipated movies of 2018 has finally arrived and I had the pleasure of seeing Steven Spielberg’s latest film. This film, based on a novel by Ernest Cline of the same name,  is a geek’s dream. Everything from nostalgia, video games, Easter Eggs, action, comedy, wonders, and of course, escapism was the ingredients provided in this stew of blockbuster fun. I enjoyed just about every minute of this movie because I was given something visually to look at the whole time. The story we have seen before but it’s being paired with likable characters, light-hearted tone, and an execution that just allows you to watch and have fun for a while.

I know I have said this before and I feel I have to say it again just for transparency, that this review is coming from someone who hasn’t read the book yet. After seeing it, this is one film adaptation I wouldn’t mind reading the source material from. Spielberg definitely still has the mightiest touch to bring us a nice popcorn movie for all ages and I do mean that. Yes, the geek and the proud benefit more from this flick but I think anyone with a slight interest in this story may enjoy it. Especially parents with children will benefit from this film. Listening to a friend of mine say that his son thought it was the best movie he had seen to date, says a lot about the films that this latest generation of kids gets to witness.

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Thoroughbreds Review

This film, Thoroughbreds, gives us another look into the minds of cold-hearted, shallow, and borderline sociopath teenagers as they find meaning in their young lives while finding out their identity. Think Heathers or Alpha Dog in the sense that these young adults have no reality of the consequence to their actions. Told in a dark comedy format, writer Cory Finley (Sauna) in his directorial debut brings us a film that showed tons of promise but even packed with great acting and an interesting plot didn’t quite pass the finish line with a theme or meaning to the film.


Picture via nytimes.com

This dark and somewhat disturbing movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, Split) Lily, and Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) Amanda, who is phenomenal in this movie. Cooke was great in Bates Motel but she takes it to another level with this one. Anya I am starting to become a little bit obsessed with. Whether I like the movie she is in or not, every time I see her on screen she just keeps my attention. Both women are wonderful actress. They play former besties who drifted apart as they got older but suddenly cross paths again and believe they can help each other out with devising a plan of execution to Lily’s overbearing and creepy at times step-father.

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