Question of the Week #13

Which actor and actress make the best action heroes? We all have our favorites from Linda Hamilton to Sigourney Weaver to Charlize Theron. You may be a Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Answer below and make sure to subscribe to my podcast on your favorite podast app. The show is called Movie Geek & Proud. You’ve heard of me. 


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Question of the Week #12


Comment your answer below and look forward to another episode this wednesday where I review two video game movies and have another Proud Movie Draft picking the best video game adaptated movies.

It was a fun episode. You don’t want to miss it.

Question of the Week #11

We are talking a little bit about reboots and remakes today. Featuring a film that will soon be rebooted with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Big Trouble in Little China is our next podcast episode. Here is the question of the week that will be featured in the next episode. 

qotw11 (1)

Comment your thoughts below and continue to enjoy these questions each week. Feel free to answer any previous questions under the menu tab. I enjoy getting to know my subscribers through their taste in film. 

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Question of the Week #10

Episode 10 is almost upon us. Join us Wednesday when we review Solo: A Star Wars Story and talk all things Star Wars. We go over our favorite of the franchise, talk Easter eggs from the film and play a found Proud Movie Draft game where 4 of us take turns picking our favorite sidekick from movies. It was a lot of fun and I think you will enjoy the listen. 

Here is the question of the week: 


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Question of the Week #9

Here is another question of the week. Leading into episode 9 of the podcast. Answer the following question below in the comments. I may give you a shout out on the show with your answer as I am curious to also get to know your taste in movies. 


Any questions or suggestions for movies you have for me to watch and review on the blog or the podcast, let me know in the comments or email me at

Feel free to answer any of the previously asked questions of the week. I usually respond to all comments. Thank you as always for following movie geek and proud and have a great weekend. 


Question of the Week #8

It is about time I do a horror film for the podcast and with that being said I want to know the scariest film you have ever seen. Comment below and tune in next Wednesday for another episode of Movie Geek & Proud. Some exciting new segments and games I have planned. You don’t want to miss this next one. 

capture qotw 8

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Question of the Week #7

It is Thursday and usually I post a question I will be answering on my next podcast episode and I would like to read some of your thoughts comments as well as the answer to this week’s question on the show.


Comment below your answer and also what movie do you think based on this question I will be reviewing next Wednesday.

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