Movie Review: Train To Busan Gives Us a New Kind Of Zombie.

Sang-ho Yeon brings us an exhilarating and probably one of the most high energy and entertaining zombie movies. Without watching the trailer for this movie I decided to watch this film knowing little to nothing about it except for the plot of a father who is traveling with his daughter to Busan by train which at the same time a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, they must stay alive among the ones infected on the train. 

I would advise not watching the trailer when you watch this because you will be surprised with how different these zombies are that I believe will enhance your viewing with the element of surprise. In case you are curious here is the trailer:

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Movie Review: The Girl With All The Gifts is Original And Clever.

Based on the novel and screenplay of writer Mike R. Carey, director Colm McCarthy who is more known for his work on British TV series brings to life a unique and clever take on the zombie apocalypse. You thought you have seen it all with 28 days later. This movie will change the way you look at the “undead” or the virus that makes humans thirst for human blood. 

In this feature the setting is a dystopian time when a fungus have infected most of the world and the victims who have turned into ravenous cannibals have taken over. They are known as “the hungries”. I love the clever names each zombie movie comes up with besides using the term “zombies”. In the center is Melanie, who is known as a 2nd generation of hungries who were born or infected during the beginning of the end. The difference being that they still have intelligence and can speak and talk as if they were fully human but still crave the human flesh. Melanie could be the key to a cure but before we can find out all hell breaks loose and on the run is a scientist (Glenn Close) whose only purpose is to use Melanie for her trial to the cure and a teacher (Gemma Arterton) who has been teaching a group of 2nd gen hungries at a military base. Melanie has grown close to this teacher and the 3 along with a couple of Military men try to survive amongst the havoc.


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Movie Review: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Rarely do I get a chance to watch these direct to video or direct to blu-ray, whatever is said nowadays, full length animated features. When I do, they are a lot of fun to watch and more adult than I would imagine. Say what you will about the DCU live action movies but what DC has over Marvel are their small screen films featuring our favorite heroes. These movies seem to have a way of keeping it light and fun enough for young teenagers to watch but making them just adult enough for those pushing 30 or even 40 and not feel like a kid watching them. 

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is just one of the few that have been released this year and more to come after this latest feature. The theme seems to be darker and a little moody then the others. The colors and tones are different and you can even tell in the choice of animation that they are trying to get away from the happy childlike look for them. If you were to look up the animation used on the CN (Cartoon Network) “Teen Titans Go” animation and compare it with this movie, you will see a huge difference. 


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Netflix Originals of 2016

When you don’t want to spend money at the movies and just feel like you want a Netflix night at home, you have a huge arsenal of material to choose from. Netflix however has become a big part in entertainment for the small screen and one of the best things about Netflix is that they are now coming into creating their own original shows and movies. Here is a list of the ones I happened to catch during the 2016 year. Good or bad I am glad Netflix is developing their own stuff and I hope they keep going.

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Movie Review: Clown

So I finally had time to get around to watching Clown. At a time when clowns are in the media a lot more now. With the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT, Rob Zombie’s new horror movie 31 involving killer clowns, the real life clowns luring and terrifying kids in North Carolina right now. All of this adds to the creepiness of this movie.  It may look like Eli Roth is the one to bring this new horror to the small screen. Turns out that Eli Roth, director of horror movies like Cabin Fever and Hostel, is only producing this movie. Jon Watts co-wrote with Christopher Ford and directed this movie. So if you were turned off by this movie being directed by Eli Roth, don’t be. However, since he is producing it, don’t think that the lack of gore will be gone. This movie is gross. So fans of Eli Roth will still get a taste of what he is known for. This is also a great time for any superhero fans out there to get a glimpse into the direction of Watts. He will be directing the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming.

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Movie Review: The Final Girls

Usually I review movies that have come out in the current year but some movies slip past me and I don’t get to watch them until months maybe even years later. I finally had the time to check out The Final Girls (2015). Next to Cabin in the Woods, this movie put the fun in horror by knowing their audience, not taking themselves too seriously, and still deliver making this a delight to horror fans of all kinds.

It’s too bad that this movie didn’t get a wider release. This was a great movie to watch. Ever since I saw Last Action Hero, I’ve always wanted the same premise but as a horror movie. The premise is basically a group of teens who go to a screening of a beloved cult classic horror film Camp Blood Bath.

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Movie Review: A Christmas Horror Story

The latest in the anthology trend, Directors Grant Harvey, Steve Hoban, and Brett Sullivan brings you interwoven tales that take place on Christmas with a little horror twist. While there are elements of creativity here the movie as a whole just didn’t have what it took to leave an impression.

This movie is told in 4 tales from the perspective views of high schoolers who investigate an urban legend, A family who sets out to the woods to get the perfect Christmas tree and return home with more than they bargained for, Krampus himself bringing the pain to a spoiled sinful family, and old Saint Nick himself dealing with zombie elves.

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