Me myself and I

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I am a mid 30’s geeky gay guy originally from Seattle WA. currently living in Hollywood, CA. I figured it was time to go to the city where actors walk around like civilians, movies are being made in the neighborhood next to you, and opportunities are a knockin’. I am not an aspiring actor (yet). I don’t have a film degree under my resume. I am not a writer, even though I have story ideas. I am just a guy that just loves movies.

So I pretty much was set in front of the TV as soon as I can see. Just kidding, I don’t think it was that early but to keep myself occupied my Mom and Dad would just let me watch TV to stay out of trouble when I was a kid. My Aunt and Grandpa would record EVERYTHING onto VHS and had a huge shelf and bookcases of VHS tapes. I looked at that and said, ” Hey, I want that!” So I learned how to work a VCR and started my new hobby. If i remember correctly, I believe the first movie I ever recorded onto VHS was Beetlejuice. I remember buying my first dvd and 3 movies to go with it.

My movie taste varies through almost all genres but I do have favorites. My favorite genres are horror and kid movies. Why those two genres I will never understand but that is me. The genres that are harder to get into for me are sci fi and westerns. I am more on the mainstream side than independent but will watch both kinds. Clue, Hocus Pocus, The Game, Little Shop of Horrors, Spaceballs, Labyrinth, Requiem for a Dream, The little Mermaid are some of my favorite movies to give you an idea of the kind of mind this blog is coming from.

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