Hello, My name is Rob. I am a moviegeek. Welcome to muviefunatic.com

Friends of mine always tell me that I like every movie or that there is always something good about every movie. I always deny it and say that I have a critical mind but for the most part they are right. I always find something useful or entertaining that I am sure someone would appreciate. This blog is a way for me to express that. What I want to accomplish with this page is to be the critic that is different from others. Be the guy that talks about all types of movies from Oscar  – indie – Hollywood/Mainstream – movies just made for the money. Aren’t you tired of feeling bad for liking guilty pleasure? I am here for you. How about when people tell you that you are too old to watch certain movies? I will be here to say “SO WHAT!” How about being made fun of for liking certain movies or having different taste than the majority? That is okay. I have different taste too. Bottom line is that most movies can appeal to someone.

You will see from my blog that I critique movies also in a different way. I want to give a review from the point of view of being entertained. Not just by having the best story or amazing acting but just simply having a good time while watching it. You will read about my thoughts and rants on current movie news and also take you back in time with a rewatch of some of my favorite movies and do they hold up now as they did before. As my blog gets bigger and better I will come up with lots of different ways to bring you some great entertainment and topics to comment about.

I also want to hear from you, my followers, who just love watching movies. I encourage your feedback and hearing what you have to say as your comments are just as valid. All I ask is that you respect my opinion as well as others and not “troll” as they say for the sake of “trolling” I love a good movie debate.

Alright, prepare yourselves. You are going to hear some stuff on here that you wouldn’t think would come out of a movie buff’s mouth. You will either appreciate a different outlook or be completely outraged. Isn’t it exciting? I got that out of the way. Let’s have some fun. I hope you all enjoy my blog.