Ep.56: Moonlight


We come to a close on Pride Month on Movie Geek & Proud. We bring you our latest review of the Award winning film Moonlight. This is a packed episode as we touch on other gay topics and our regular segments. Below are the timestamps for the episode so feel free to jump around, we will not get offended.
Happy Pride Month and enjoy our latest episode.
0:00 – 3:06 Intro
3:06 – 7:10 Draft Lottery Winner(s)
7:10 – 21:31 Gay Pride and Straight Pride
21:32 – 32:55 Question of the Week
32:56 – 38:36 A24 best and worst
38:37 – 1:20:35 Moonlight Review
1:20:35 – 1:27:31 Bollywood Gay Film / The Oscars
1:27:32 – 1:29:26 Shawns Soundbooth Time
!:29:33 – 1:31:30 Rate Moonlight
1:31:31 – 1:34:11 Movie Geek of the Week
!:34:12 – 1:37:00 Next time on….Ep.57
Theme Song – www.purple-planet.com/cinematic Doomed Romance
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