Incredibles 2 Doesn’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

14 yrs. of anticipation, curiosity, hope, that director Brad Bird would give us another movie featuring one of the best superhero families ever: The Incredible family. Ever since the first film, The Incredibles¸ we were introduced to a new kind of superhero as well as a new kind of Pixar film. The Incredibles back in 2004 was the first Pixar movies to feature humans as the main stars of the film. Like most of the Pixar films, we fell in love with the unique and creative characters of Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible, Helen Parr/Elastigirl, Violet Parr, Dashiell (Dash) Parr, and Jack – Jack. Who can forget the best designer with no patience for nonsense, Edna Mode (voice by Brad Bird). Here we are, the sequel has arrived and was it worth the 14 yrs. wait?

Incredibles 2 starts where the first left off reminding us that after defeating Syndrome, they were up against The Underminer. Through the eyes of Violet’s new crush Tony, we see what happened which then catapults the plot for this one that Winston Deavor, a superhero activist, wants to make supers legal to fight crime again, and launches a plan for the world to be able to see how superhero fights crime from the heroes’ perspective a that Elastigirl is the best to launch the campaign which leaves Robert Parr at home to take care of the kids as a stay at home dad. They both face new and uncomfortable situations as their parenting roles have reverse and have to face a new villain along the way.


From left to right: Catherine Keener (Evelyn Deavor), Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Bob Odenkirk (Winston Deavor) picture via

I really enjoyed this sequel a lot. The story alone is the kind of plot and tone that you would see in live action movies. The fact that it’s animated just gives it more room to go bigger. I got a big espionage vibe from this sequel. More than the first one actually, there was a bit of a mystery to solve, more character development, and I even saw a bit of political satire in this film too. With Marvel killing the game in the superhero dept. you would think that this film would follow suit and just mimic the direction Marvel Studios were going. I feel that this follow up kept it true to the original and gave you a family story first and a super hero movie second. For most of the film, you just watch how both parents are dealing with their new roles and how it affects the family. Robert Parr especially took the change harder and it was very comical but also believable to see how a Father believes that being a stay at home Dad is a breeze and finds out that staying at home is a full-time job and very unpredictable.

The villain of this story is interesting. I would say that Syndrome is the superior villain of the two. While both definitely provided actual threat with their cause, Syndrome provided real danger while this villain felt very tamed. This villain in this latest film tried to say a statement while Syndrome really wanted to dominate the world.

the verge

Robert Parr getting use to being a stay at home dad. Picture Via

The action sequences and choreography were outstanding. When you think you have seen all that Elastigirl can do, she pulls a fast one on you. She provided most of the action in this one and it was nice to see her perform with her powers. Definite moments when you would cheer at her creative way of stopping the bad guys and chase scenes in the film. The use of everyone else’s powers including discovering Jack – Jacks unlimited powers was also a highlight of this movie. If you notice on the poster there is a racoon on there and you wonder why he is featured. When you get to that scene, you will not stop laughing. It’s almost the best scene of the movie.

New characters and regulars from the first are featured more in this film. Frozone/Lucius Best had some great moments and the voice acting of Samuel L. Jackson was brilliant this time around. We got to see the extent of his powers and I’m glad he was given a bigger part. We also meet a group of other superheroes from around the world and get to see their powers add more action to the film.


picture via

MVP of those new characters is Void, voiced by Sophia Bush. She is sort of a fangirl to Elastigirl and has the powers to create voids for objects to go through them and come out in another space. Think of Blink from the X-men films or the video game “Portal” if you are familiar. She is a standout and I would love to see more of her. It’s a bummer that the kids, Violet and Dash, didn’t get superhero names yet but if there is another sequel, maybe they will get one.

The film had a lot of laughs and great script as well. Jack Jack pretty much stole the show in this film providing most of the laughs. Of course, the scene from Edna Mode is just mesmerizing. Even though the fans love her, they still decided to keep her at bay and give us one great scene with her and make it count. Usually with sequels you find out what the people like and give them more, more, more. I liked that we didn’t see a lot of Edna and it made her scene even better because of the anticipation. She was brought in at the right time and it worked.


picture via

When you watch the film, it is going to feel like you are not getting a lot of action. Once the movie was over I had to sit back and think, “Did we get a lot of action in this film?” the answer is yes, but it was just far between other scenes and a bit structured compared to the first one. In the first film, we got a huge non-stop action sequence on the island leading up to the big villain showdown and it just seemed like a bunch of fast moving fight scenes and explosion one after the other. This film took a different approach and gave you action but in small doses as well as more melee fighting and not so much in your face environmental atmospheric calamity. This film didn’t change its spots to fit the latest craze in superhero films and I like that about this movie. Is it as much fun as the first one, my opinion, no. This sequel is worth it. I would say that the biggest improvement from this film is the animation is beautiful. The shots and the color all were at it’s best. I think you will be amazed. I highly recommend seeing this in theatres. This is a film I would pay out of pocket for vs using the movie pass. There was great story, nice message, great entertainment, and more of the characters you love so much. 

5 out of 5

Do you guys agree with my opinion on the latest Pixar film? Did it live up to the hype? Was it worth the 14 years wait? Comment below and remember to like and subscribe to this blog for future reviews. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you at the movies.


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