Ep. 8: Hereditary

Hello Movie Geeks. This week’s episode will be on the latest horror flick Hereditary. In addition to a review without spoiler and then with spoilers later in the episode, I also talk about the new Halloween 2018 Trailer, a short film festival I attended in L.A., as well as played a fun Movie Draft game picking the best Horror Sequels in the game. 

Listen to episode 8 and if you haven’t seen the movie Hereditary yet, that is okay. I made to sure warn listeners when I will start talking about spoilers. 

I will write a review of the film as well very soon for those who enjoy a good post to read. Comment below if you have seen the film. Did you hate it? Love it? Is it considered a horror movie?

Also, if you are just listening to the show for the first time. Feel free to answer any of the previous questions of the week. I will most likely read them on the show as a shout out. 


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