Avengers: Infinity War Review

Welcome back movie geeks. I am sure you have seen or read so many entries, reviews, tweets, post regarding this movie and it’s only Day 1, well Day 1 ½ if you were like me and saw this movie Thursday night. So to try and separate myself from other articles, this review is from an entertainment perspective from the point of view of an average movie goer. Spoiler Free.

If you were me, you know that you have went through 18 movies in 10 yrs old for this moment that it all comes together. Literally, almost all the superheroes we met in so far appeared in the film to band together and take down the biggest villain they have all faced and that is Thanos. The latest adversary has been hinted throughout the 3 Phases we have had introducing each member of the Avengers and Thanos’s plan to wipe away the universe once he collects 6 infinity stones. So the question I want to address is does this movie live up to the hype?


You will have that look of wonder on your face when you see this movie.

Yes, I believe this movie does live up to the hype. That hype can be for many different kinds of people. Especially for the fans who have watched these movies since day one. I have a few animated series under my belt, but never read the comics. I have watched each movie, some more than once, ever since Iron Man (2008) premiere. That was the first time I even learned about Iron Man to begin with. Now, I am telling people who doesn’t know much about him about his ability, his involvement, how his parents were involved before Tony Stark came to be. So as a fan of the movies, this movie is worth the wait. You get everything you wanted in a blockbuster popcorn film as well as a conclusion to this 10 yrs old story.

Each character gets a fair amount of screen time so whoever your favorite character is so far, you will see him or her enough to be satisfied. What was also really fun to watch was that some of the members have not met each of the group. The dynamic between Tony Stark with Dr. Strange and Star Lord with Thor are just comedic gold. Even a small interaction with Winter Soldier and Rocket is genius. I think everyone got a chance to shine as well.

Speaking of which, plenty of comedy. Everyone has a zinger, a look, a quick wit reaction, and gesture that keeps the MCU under that lighter side of crime-fighting. I feel like there were so many funny jokes that I missed most of the dialogue from laughing so much. There were a couple of jokes and lines that also gave the fans who have been paying attention a couple of easter eggs to catch. Not every joke is like that, so you will still get to laugh at the obvious humor presented to you. Well thought out writing with the mixer of characters but still keeping their signature humor intact.


“Two down, four to go.”

The action sequences and special effects were something to be impressed with. The CGI effects I think were executed pretty well. Especially the final product of Thanos. Josh Brolin’s voice definitely had an impact on bringing Thanos to life but the work of CGI done to him looks great. Even his team of hunters, The Black Order, were done pretty well. Very clean and crisp effects. Also, each character had their own share of signature fight moves and moments when in battle. You even got to see a few combo moves done by characters who had never been in a movie together before. Those moments were definitely cheer moments.

What if you never watched a Marvel movie, can you still enjoy this film?

This may sound bias since I am a big fan of this latest movie open universe trend, but I think this movie can be entertaining to those who haven’t seen the others. Keep in mind, you will get a better experience if you knew the back story to most of these characters. As long as you enjoy watching action sequences, things blowing up, colorful characters, or even if you like 1/3 of the cast chosen to play Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, you will be thoroughly entertained. Watching some of the likable and charismatic actors you watch in other films all the time, running around in superhero outfits battling the forces of evil isn’t boring.

I also think there is a really good story here MCU or not. You are watching a plot of a team of people who are not getting along very well having to put their differences aside for a common enemy. You also get to watch a story I think that was mostly told through the antagonist’s point of view. The movie may be called Avengers: Infinity War but this movie is about Thanos. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an analysis as to who got the most scenes, it would probably be Thanos. Just the response and interactions this villain has with these heroes provides more for the character development. Thanos is not a one note villain. As crazy as he sounds and needs to be stopped, you are given a deeper look into his madness. The desperation he has completing his mission no matter what the cost. It is a problem most of the MCU villains have had in the past and I wonder if this is an improvement of that. Just like Black Panther, there is a story here past cartoonish like action. What is a life worth to you? Is one life worth sacrificing to save millions? If you do choose to fight, who or what are you fighting for?

Honestly, if none of this type of cinema storytelling is your cup of tea, stay clear of this movie. There are a lot of filmmakers who are not impressed with the repetitive and bland movies the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been getting. Apparently there is no substance, depth, or artistic creativity when it comes to making these films. Especially by the 19th film, have they done everything they possibly could? I don’t know, depends on the movie goer in my opinion so you will just have to see and watch.


This is what it looks like on opening day at the movies when a Marvel film is released. 

Overall, this movie is excellent. This movie brings out a plethora of emotions, especially to those who are tied to these characters. You are going to get a game changer in this film, that doesn’t really give you any idea where it is going to go next. I do recommend this movie be experienced at the theatre particularly with a good amount of seats being filled. I know I know, for the most part that is just a huge risk for annoyance in the movie. Trust me, I had some of that annoyance myself. Nothing is great than to watch hardcore fans cheer, gasp, chuckle, and even grab their pearls over the magic they see on screen. This movie is a pure escapism popcorn movie that is a lot of fun to watch. It is a movie you can watch over again and still get something new. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds after what I saw last night.

5 out of 5

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Of course, stay after the credits. I know you know better but I thought I should give you a head’s up anyways. 

Thank you for reading my review. Hopefully, I didn’t spoil anything for you but feel free to comment below on your initial thoughts on the film. Do you plan to see it and who and what are you looking forward to when watching it? I will be reviewing this movie with a friend of mine that will contain spoilers. As much as I want everyone to listen to my podcast, do make sure to watch the film before listening to this particular episode. Remember, every movie has at least one fan, I’ll see you at the movies.

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