MoviegeekRob’s list of Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Amore! Valentine’s Day, The day of love. The day to break out candy, put on your Sunday best, eat at the fanciest restaurants, shower each other with gifts, flowers, the whole nine yards. If you are doing it right though, you and your significant other wouldn’t know when it is Valentine’s Day because you treat each other like it was Valentine’s Day everyday. 

Nonetheless, today is the day, and while there are plenty of blogs out there that share or give advise on the many things involving the holiday, I am the movie geek. So here, I am sharing my favorite movies from across many genres and maybe give you some inspiration on what to watch whether you are alone or with someone and decided to stay in and make it a movie night. As there are many to choose from, this wasn’t too hard to figure out as I am picky when it comes to romantic comedies and dramas. I also wanted to feature movies you don’t normally hear about from the majority. These movies are underrated, under the radar, and should be seen by more people. In no particular order, here are my favorite Romantic movies from across the board. 

 Romantic Love Stories –

image2 (2)

We get to watch these couples in each movie flourish from the beginning. From the day they meet, to the end or milestone of their relationship, and the hijinks and trails in between. No matter how it ends, someone learns what love is and how to love. In my opinion these movies avoided most of the cliché you see in most romantic comedies and are relatable on many different levels than just dating someone. 

Romantic Dramas featuring Black Actors – 

image1 (3)

There is a lot to be said about watching a movie featuring black actors. One being the myth of a black man is incapable to love or show a sensitive side. Also the idea that a black woman is only into a man who has thug appeal or a complete bad boy edge. These movies break those stereotype barriers and show well written love stories between a black man and woman. These particular movies are good ones because in addition to the love story being told, it does come with the setback of being a person of color and how a loving relationship can be damaged by their environment or the peers they grew up around. These are older titles but they age really well and feature some of the best African-American actors in the business. Including great work and chemistry from known musical artist Janet Jackson and the late Tupac Shakar in Poetic Justice. 

Romance with a mix of Fantasy and Supernatural –


From a man with scissors for hands to a love being torn apart by a man-eating plant from outer space, no unnatural forces, magic, witches, memory loss or prejudice will stop these couples from living happily ever after. The lengths that these characters go through to fall in love and keep that love is extraordinary and the creative story telling to tell these story is what makes these movies great. These films are all fun and range from fantasy to musicals. Each of them very unique that cannot be copied. 

Love in Animation – 


There is a huge library of animated features I could have chosen from and I am sure there are plenty that I haven’t even seen yet. These couples though have become icons in their own way. The kind of chemistry and compatibility these characters share would make anyone jelly to feel that way. Wall*e told a romantic love story through music and expressions. Up made you cry watching a love story from beginning to the sad end in less than 5 mins time and not one word was spoken to express their love for each other. All done through their actions. That’s good storytelling. In the heartbeat is breaking barriers as a gay love coming of age short story with a twist. A first crush being explored and the burden to have to hide it because of the world we live in. In this story though, the heart wants what it wants and will not let the mind block that feeling. Last but not least is Jack and Sally from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. These two were made for each other and compliment each other in so many ways. Both yearning to explore and know more of what is outside of their comfortable bubble, through song they find each other and plan to explore that together. 

Gay and Lesbian Love Stories – 

image1 (2)

The majority from this list have been nominated and even won an award or two for the amazing writing and brilliant acting that brought these stories to life. These movies took risk and gave us a story most people don’t want to see or hear. These movies are among the ever-growing list of movies that tells the love story between two men and two women and everything in between. Love is Love and these films show that no matter how many people tell you that you shouldn’t, you overcome and you fight for what you know is right. You also get a glimpse at love stories that many people take for granted. It is not easy loving the one you love with the pressure of the world on your shoulders. Some of these films end in sadness, others in happiness but all of them have a story to tell and it is great to see that homosexuals, like myself, can see people they relate to on the big screen.

Love/Hate relationships – 

image2 (1)

What is a good love story without the other side? Think about it, there wouldn’t be love if we didn’t have hate. These movies are examples of love stories that don’t really have a happy ending. Like in real life, someone gets hurt, not everyone feels the same about the other, or a love for someone could turn into an obsession. A mix of comedy and drama is why I have chosen these films. These are great examples of love hate relationships and are wildly entertaining from start to finish. Depending on the mood you are in, I think among these four you will find a movie that pulls at your feelings if you are feeling down or alone. Look at it this way, at least you are not in a relationship turmoil like the characters in these films. 


So, that is my list. I hope these movies gave you some nostalgia or made you remember your favorite love tale. Which ones are your favorite? If you stayed in, did you succumb to the holiday and watch a romantic movie. Comment your thoughts on the list and what films you like to watch around this time of year. Thanks always for reading and remember; everyone movie has at least one fan. See you at the movies. 


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