Review: Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Three years later and an injured actor, we have the finishing product of the third and final movie in the Maze Runner trilogy. Based on the popular book series created by James Dashner, the first three books: Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and now The Death Cure; we come to the last and final chapter as Thomas and his friends once and for all stop the reign of WCKD and make sure the future of all the teens and kids used as lab rats can finally live in peace with what is left of the world.


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Dylan O’Brien is back as the title character, Thomas, along with his friends starting where they left off by completing a rescue mission for one of their own, Minho (Ki Hong Lee), one of the original runners from the first film, who was taken hostage by WCKD at the end of The Scorch Trials. That leads to a chain of events that leads to a final showdown between the runners and WCKD in the attempt to find a cure that is wiping out mankind and the freedom of those who are being killed from the failed experiments held by the organization.

To be honest, I really wasn’t a fan of the second one. It was a little weird to me, the pacing was off, it just felt longer than it was, so I wasn’t entertained by it to watch it again. So, I went into this not remembering too much of what happened to follow along this latest sequel. The film does a good job of reminding us what happened. If what occurred doesn’t make sense to you, just let it go and accept what has been told. Otherwise this movie will make your head hurt trying to figure out the timeline and events that happened in the first two films.

In addition to the main story, a lot of other things have ignited that they have to deal with. The ramifications of dealing with a traitor who chose WCKD, to the continuation of completing another rescue mission after another because they continue to fail each time with their common goal. As well as the time crunch they are all put in since time is running out for our group of protagonists as they race to save their friend before their main group leaves this failed city by boat for good.


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I would strongly recommend not looking at IMDB or a cast list of any kind as there is a spoiler in the cast that you may not want to see. It was unexpected and surprising to me to see this face so if you want the same jolt of surprise, you shouldn’t look.

I will say this movie felt a lot like a heist movie which usually entails sneaking into places and gathering whatever they need undetected but this movie had a lot of great action sequences. Whether it’s from gunplay to melee fighting they pulled out all the stops. Even those death defying stunts were handled very well. In between the action scenes the dialogue was a little questionable to keep your attention but I just had to push through because I wanted to see how this movie would end. When you get to the bus scene, hold onto your hats. That was a very nice and well shot scene. Best part of the film.

The acting was as good as it should be. Rosa Salazar and Giancarlo Esposito who played the dynamic duo Brenda and Jorge were the highlights of the film. Whether together or apart, but better together, they controlled the scenes they were in and made themselves noticeable every time. It is always a delight to see Barry Pepper who plays Vince, leader and I guess “Mayor” of the group of refugees under his care. I wish he were in more stuff. On the other side of the story is Patricia Clarkson and Aidan Gillen (HBO’s Game of Thrones) who were both underused as always. While Patricia is a great actress I feel her part in the movie just kept getting more useless as the trilogy carried on. This time around we didn’t see much of her instead of when she stand tall amongst her staff of soldiers all dressed in white as if she is the second coming of GOD trying to find this cure to save us all. I just wish they had written a better part for her. Gillen on the other hand was super annoying to me. Its not the actors fault, I just really hate his character. It seems that Mr. Little foot himself fits this character like a glove since he does the same creepy character hanging out around young children all the time using them to do his bidding. He was my least favorite character of the film but if you enjoy his acting and seeing him on screen, then you will enjoy those parts of the film more than I did.

 This movie doesn’t really present of lot of moments to elevate or progress the story along. I think what was accomplished here could have been done in an additional 20 mins of extra footage in the second one but I get it. Gotta make that paper somehow. There is a little bit of a message here when it comes to the rich and the poor, Healthcare, and the exploitation of said healthcare we face today. They hint at that throughout the film which I thought was a nice touch.


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Very similar to The Hunger Games Series, there is a beginning, middle, and end to this story of the next generation fixing the wrong of a nation that has put the 1% over the 99%. They do close up almost all the stories in this timeline except for one small thing and with that tidbit unresolved I do believe there is a possibility for another movie. As far as the storyline from the books, the following two proceeding after The Death Cure are prequels. So, I am not sure where they are headed with this franchise and if it should continue or not whether they come up with their own story furthering the story or if they are going to make the prequels a thing with a whole new cast. Either way, this movie was okay. The action scenes made up for a slow and somewhat confusing story. If you have watched this far, you might as well finish the series out and find out what happens with Thomas and the others. Don’t be alarmed but when you think this movie is going to be over, it throws more at you prolonging the end a bit longer to add suspense. If this method works on you depends how invested you get into this movie. Is this one to see at the movies, I would say yes. I say this because of the setting, the cinematography and all the action that comes with the film.

'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials' film premiere, New York, America - 15 Sep 2015

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Dylan O’Brien, who suffered an injury during the making of this film, according to, put his blood, sweat, and tears in this film. I had no choice but to go and support the adorable Teen Wolf star in his final go around with the Maze Runner. I hope he doesn’t disappear after this. Between this and the failed American Assassin, its not looking so good but I have faith he isn’t going anywhere.

3 out of 5

Thank you once again for reading my review. I hope this helps with your decision on whether this movie is for you or not. If you have seen the film, I would like to hear what you thought of it. Please comment below with your opinion and if you agree or disagree with my assessment of the film. Also make sure to like this post and subscribe for more reviews in the future. By subscribing, you will also be in the loop in some future projects I have coming your way. I love movies and I am going to keep thinking of ways to talk about them with my followers. I’ll see you at the movies.


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  1. Hmm… Good review as usual. I haven’t seen any of these and wanted to wait till they completed them. I’m addicted to the whole binge watching thing (wish I had done this with Game of Thrones lol). But you got me interested now. Thanks for the review and keep it coming.

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