Review: Downsizing Is A Gimmick To Preach On World Issues

Judging from the trailer I had a sneaking suspicion that I wasn’t going to get a movie about humans being shrunk to live in a different community. I guess I should have done my research before going into the film. I don’t really like hearing too much about a movie before going to avoid expectation. Having said that, what I got from this film is exactly what I didn’t want to see in the movie.


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Matt Damon stars in this imaginative world where they have discovered the ability to shrink humans down to the size of an ant and use it to help with the population problem and hopefully gain the economy back as well as solve a lot of world problems we are facing today. I would say this can be categorized as a dramady. Sort of in the same way that Matt Damon’s The Martian was labeled. A dramatic tale with a lot of humor in it. I was ready and wanting to see how adapting to life as a shrunk person would play out. Not really in a physical comedy sort of way but to see how the world would handle which such technology. Instead I was given more of a commentary on prejudice, world hunger, our belief in global warming, and how no matter what we do, the world, specifically the U.S. will always find a way to take something great and powerful and use it in the worse way possible. Basically, we are just not allowed to have nice things. For my last review of 2017, here are my thoughts on Downsizing.

A great cast was put together for the potential of a great comedy. Joining Damon is Kristin Wiig who plays his wife, Jason Sudeikis as a friend and sort of spokesperson for the change, Christoph Waltz as the larger than life entrepreneur and neighbor who provides some of the comic relief, and Hong Chau who plays a house cleaner from the wrong side of the tracks who becomes the main focus of the film towards the middle of the movie. Her presence and acting pretty much carried the rest of the film driving the story forward and carrying out the message I am sure the film is trying to convey. She was awarded a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the movie and it is well deserved.  However, she does play a stereotypical Asian woman who does cause most of the laughs you may get in the theatre. So, it really depends if you find that kind of humor funny listening to a stereotypical accent you would expect from an Asian woman.


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I don’t mind artistic expression and I am not saying that the movie was poorly made. I just got a plot that I wasn’t really in the mood to watch. So, should you not mind watching a satire of sorts for 2hrs and some change than you may get a lot more out of the film than I did. The movie didn’t need the gimmick of “downsizing” as a way to tell this story and its message. Especially from a marketing perspective, you would think you are getting a movie about the changes and adaptation needed to basically change your life upside down. The process and how they handled the logistics and transformation of downsizing was really interesting. I enjoyed that part of the film a lot. I was captivated but the psychological process of deciding to agree to such a procedure and what it would take to do it. Pretty much the film teaches Damon’s character to enjoy life the best way he can because he only has one but to also be economically aware of the world we live in when it comes to taken care of mother Earth. I mean after all, we only have one of those as well. Poverty and money issues, we face are also featured in this film to show what it’s like on both ends.


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Overall, it was a bit slow, a little boring, and just not what I wanted to see for 2 hours. Do I regret seeing the movie? Absolutely not. The film did entertain but just not in a way I wanted it to. This movie is recommended for those who want to see a possible Oscar contender. The acting was good for what was asked of the actors. There are some well-known stars to keep you engaged as much as possible. Anyone who enjoys a different visual perspective on the world we live in today may also get a kick out of this film. It does touch on some hard issues and beliefs we face today and how society deals with it. If you have doubts about the film from jump you might as well go with your gut and pass on the film. I always say though, if there is a little bit of interest in seeing how this plays out, check it out and see for yourself.

2 ½ out of 5

Thanks for reading my review once again. I hope this was helpful and enjoyable to read. What is your opinion on the movie? Did you pick up on all the commentary and messaging in the film? What did you get out of watching it? Comment below with your thoughts on the movie and the review. I’ll see you at the movies. 



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