The Disaster Artist Review

This review is brought to you by someone who has never seen The Room or know who Tommy Wiseau even is. So, my thoughts on the film doesn’t come with any previous content to compare this true story directed by James Franco who also stars as Tommy Wiseau whose dream is to become a famous movie star. Hollywood doesn’t see him how he sees himself so Wiseau along with a friend, Greg Sestero, played by real life brother Dave Franco, he met in acting class decide to make a movie of their own. With an endless amount of money for budget, and a skeptical staff who is just living the dream assist him on making his vision come true.

real and fake tommy

Tommy Wiseau and James Franco. picture via

Written by Wiseau himself, he creates a film that would go down in history as one of the worst movies ever made with one of the biggest unnecessary budgets ever. We get to see the story behind the movie as we witness the love of film between two people who move from San Francisco to Los Angeles to become actors but have trouble getting into the industry. Once they decide to make their own film together, you see the hardship that comes from working with the mind that is Tommy Wiseau. This wasn’t an easy ride for both of them and along the way they are tested to see if fame and fortune is worth risking their friendship for.

James Franco I thought was excellent in this film. He is the lead, practically in almost every scene. Even though Franco’s character can come off overbearing and annoying, it was still a delight to see Franco on-screen. The accent and mannerisms imitating this man supposedly is spot on. From my perspective, not knowing who he is impersonating, I think this character was entertaining to watch. It is recommended by most that you should watch the movie The Room and/or get acquainted with who Wiseau is just so you have something to compare the acting performed by Franco when watching the film. Most of the familiar faces you usually see working with Franco appear in the film. Seth Rogan, Hannibal Buress, Paul Scheer to name a few. Since this movie takes place in L.A. and the plot involves the film industry, there are lots of cameos in the film either they are playing themselves or a fictional character who is assisting him in his film. It was a treat to also see Dave Franco take more of a central role as well. I think he is a great actor and to see a drama side of him aside from his comedic side was good to see as well.

The-Disaster-Artist-Paul-Scheer-Interview-700x300 slashfilm

The Crew just doesn’t get his vision. picture via

I would say that this film also shows you the ups and downs of trying to live in L.A. and make it as an entertainer. It is a tough job and career to accomplish and I liked how the film showed some of the highs and lows of becoming famous. As they were making the movie within the movie, listening to the dialogue only peaked my interest to what the movie The Room is like. This movie sounds like a weird and wacky masterpiece.

After watching this film, you will definitely get an idea as to why this film hit a cult status and is still talked about to this day. It was also nice to get an inside view as to who this guy is. Tommy Wiseau is a very strange, eccentric, and secretive as to who he is. It’s frustrating not getting the information as to who he is, where he is from, how does he have all this money, etc. but you still find it fun to just watch Franco do this thing. You have to keep reminding yourself that this is not someone who Franco created. The man he is imitating is a real living person.

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Both are surprised with how the film turned out. picture via

I would say this movie would be best watched who is aware of who Wiseau is and has seen The Room and want to see how well they were able to portray the characters they are mimicking. As a standalone movie watching it with a fresh pair of eyes and didn’t know who this man was, there is a possibility you will not like this film. Especially if you are not a fan of James Franco’s acting. You either like him in this film or you don’t. His portrayal of this man can come off cheesy or over the top without any content so watch at your own risk. It didn’t take away any of the entertainment for me but you could have a different opinion about it without watching the movie it’s based on first. This movie didn’t seem like it dragged or felt too long. I liked the story lines in the film as well. Watching how close these two, Tommy and Greg, get to know each other is nice and also watching real life brothers Dave and James Franco work together was great to see as well. I don’t know if this would be a film I would pop on my tv again to watch unless it was to show someone who hasn’t seen it or watch it with a group of friends. The film is worth seeing and again it’s a nice story to watch when you have someone who believes in themselves and the dream they are after and doesn’t let anyone stop them from achieving it. Also stay after the credits for a funny treat. You won’t regret it. 

3 ½ out of 5

Thanks for reading my review. I hope it helped in your decision to check out the film or not. Comment below your thoughts on the film and if you saw it or not. Any suggestion on movies I should watch and review, let me know and I’ll work that out on my blog. I’ll see you at the movies. 



One thought on “The Disaster Artist Review

  1. Rigo says:

    Another excellent review, Rob!!

    Tommy Wiseau is such an enigma. Where does he get all his money?!? How old is he?!? I think he might come from old Eastern European aristocracy. Who knows?!

    After watching The Disaster Artist, I really want to see The Room. I bet it’s a hysterical mess. Lol.

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