Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

In my opinion as a movie critic or just someone who shares their thoughts and views on movies to the world have the responsibility to keep an open mind. To be appreciative of the movies they watch and hopefully present an opinion without a bias. Having said that, I have expressed more than once that I am not a Star Wars fan. I am just not as hyped up for the franchise as most moviegoers out there. Do I really have a reason to post a review about a movie that I already have a bias opinion on?

For those who enjoy reading my reviews and just want a different perspective on the latest in the series, I will give my opinion just based on entertainment value alone. To be honest, you are either a Star Wars fan or you are not so the only reviews people really want to read are the ones where they either agree with your opinion of the movie themselves. This will be a spoiler free review as well. Hopefully I do a justice to my followers.


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Let me start by saying I enjoyed the latest entries in the series. The Force Awakens was just a nostalgic reminder of what I remember from my childhood and Rouge One I thought was a well thought out prequel depicting one of the questions we have had since the first movie came into our lives. The prequel had a beginning and an end. That’s how I like it. The Last Jedi begins where Force Awakens left off. Poe, Finn, and Rey are all dealing with their own recoveries and next steps in defeating The First Order in their own separate ways. In addition to that, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is still dealing with his destiny struggling to go more towards the dark or light. We also see what Skywalker has been up to all this time and how he can help the rebellion end this war.

For the most part this movie was entertaining. Not the best one that I have seen but there were moments in this film I thought were well done visually. New characters were introduced whether for just humor or to further the story at hand. This entry being the second of a told trilogy, we found all of our regular characters sort of split up doing their own journey. I particularly don’t really enjoy that type of format. I have seen it done in other movies. Rey is off with Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren figuring out her past to tell her what her future holds, Poe is fighting with Princess Leia trying to mansplaining on what their next step is throughout the whole movie, and Finn is still trying to find his place in The Rebellion. I just enjoy when they are all together because they all had great chemistry when they were in the same scene. With them all separated, the movie felt longer than it should. This type of storytelling may not make a negative impact in your experience. This is just a preference of mine. This film was a bit more humorous on the villain’s side. I was very surprised by this. While it was funny to see the dysfunctional authority of General Hux played by Domhnall Gleeson. At certain points it was hard to take The First Order seriously in their determination to destroy The Rebellion but maybe that was how it always was with this franchise.

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The character development of each character elevated a little. Some more than others, but each main character still has a reason to be a part of the story. There were a few smoke and mirrors regarding the progression of the story in my opinion. What you expected to be told or have explained either went in a completely different direction or wasn’t touched on at all. I can count at least 3 instances where I thought I was going to have something revealed or explained and it went another direction. Hardcore fans may have a problem with this while others see this as an opportunity for growth and to look forward to in a future movie. I honestly saw it as a growth. What I thought was going to happen didn’t and now I am just more intrigued with where the story is going to go. Since I don’t have much in stake with this franchise, I am open to the idea of where this franchise is leading.

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Over all this movie has great visual effects and great practical effects in makeup when it comes to alien characters old and new. While I may have wanted more interaction from my favorite characters in the previous films, I was still able to keep being engaged in the story presented to me. The action sequences were great and towards the end of the last act of the film, there is a huge triumphant moment that will make the 2 hours plus journey worth sitting through. Seriously, it is an epic moment that you will not want to miss. Of course the music, transitions, the tone are all very similar to a Star Wars film. That will not be missing from this feature. So, take my opinion as you will. I do recommend this movie to hardcore fans and encourage them to keep an open mind when watching. For those who are very passionate about this franchise will never be 100% satisfied with what they see and also vision their ideas to be better than what was given. Again, as a small fan for the series, do I have really a voice in how good or bad this movie is? Who knows, all I can say is did I have a good time watching the film? I did, but the film could have been better than what I saw. Agree or disagree but this film is still better than Episode I-III.

3 out of 5


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I also want to say that it was a delight and pleasure to see Carrie Fisher play General Leia one more time and a force not to be reckoned with. (Get It?) She did a wonderful job in this film and provided a lot of those great moments I mentioned earlier. She will be missed. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher


What did you think of the latest Star Wars film? Comment below your thoughts and for the future of the franchise. Make sure to hit like if you enjoyed the review and let me know if there are any movies I am missing out that I haven’t reviewed on my blog yet. As always, thank you for reading and I’ll see you at the movies.


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