Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

That moment when you feel guilty for laughing at a time that should be a sad or real moment. There were a lot of those moments in this hardcore and raw drama set in Ebbing Missouri. I had to look it up on if this was under the category of a comedy. Believe it or not, it is considered a comedy, crime, and drama. That relief I felt finding that it was okay to laugh when I shouldn’t, was great. If any of you decide to go see this movie in theatres, for any reason than award considerations, you are in for a mixed emotion thrill ride with a A+ cast as you guide.


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The amazing Frances McDormand takes us on an emotional journey into the life of tough as nails Mildred Hayes who is having a tough time handling the death of her teenage daughter who was murdered by an unknown criminal. The case unfortunately was never solved which doesn’t give her any closer. I mentioned earlier that Mildred is tough as nails so she decides to challenge the local police and put a fire under their asses to solve the case after time has passed by posting a blunt, straight to the point, and to some graphic message on three distinctive billboards close to her home, to the chief of the town and lead on the case Chief Willoughby, played by the brilliant Woody Harrelson. This starts a spiraling reaction to not only the police but the whole town of Ebbing with people who agree and disagree with her tactics to obtain justice.

This message is on display for the whole town to see in the few moments of the film. You are then introduced to the most love to hate cast I think I have ever seen on film. While they were so funny and entertaining to watch, some of the lines coming out of their mouth were so offensive, rude, and jaw dropping. Some of those characters includes: Sam Rockwell as Dixon, a bigoted, not so smart, big kid momma’s boy, with a bit of a negative reputation with the town which doesn’t make him well liked and not taken seriously. He is probably the worse of them all but damn his acting and the lines he was given were funny and sometimes a scene stealer. Another highlight is John Hawkes, who plays Charlie, Mildred’s ex-husband, who is not a nice guy at all. You get a bit of a back story of how he was as a husband and father to their two children, Angela (Kathryn Newton), the deceased, and Robbie (Lucas Hedges) the brother who is also dealing with the lost of his sister and also being affected by the in your face behavior of his mother Mildred. There are some likable players in the film but overall, they all live in a town that is not the best place to be a minority whether it’s your race, sexual orientation, and sometimes religious beliefs.


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This movie is powerful, dark, and reminds you that even though there are a lot of funny moments the movie deals with something really deep and that is violence towards women. It is a tragic story but it is also very twisted in the way that it was executed. The audience as well as myself was giving a double dose of emotion with laughter and drama that you really get to know all the characters involved. There is a bit of a challenge for some of these characters to deal with the grief of losing a loved one as well as the challenge to be able to move on. The guilt and thoughts of what could have been done differently to prevent the current stages in their lives. Also, being able to live with yourself and say you gave it all you got before throwing in the towel and giving up. This film also deals with a justice system that to this day is being questioned on how secure it is that everyone gets justice for the wrong that has been done to them. Are the police doing their jobs, is the legal system at fault for unsolved or wrongfully judged cases. Of course, the question of where that line is between right and wrong.

You cheer for Mildred through this whole film. Even if you don’t agree with all of her antics and actions, you want her to succeed, you want her to get justice for her daughter. She also has a lot of growing up to do herself. While she may be on the path of righteousness doesn’t make her a perfect saint. The pressures of being the best mother that you can be to your kids is a lot of pressure and with McDormand’s performance, we see a huge struggle if she was the best that she could have been leading up to her daughter’s death.


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I am so glad that I decided to watch this film. I noticed in the trailer that aside from what the movie is about, I seemed to have been laughing and smiling so much. With that being said, I had to see for myself just what this movie would bring. I recommend this wonderful movie. I believe this will be nominated for some awards in the future. Everyone involved did a phenomenal job and the audience from what I can tell enjoyed the movie a lot. There were a few moments that kind of caught me off guard with reasoning as to why they happened but overall this film is highly entertaining. Make sure to put this on your queue to watch and find out the in your face message on the three billboards.

5 out of 5

I appreciate all of you who read this review. Tell me what you thought of the movie and the review in the comments. I hope you are also being entertained by my words and they help with your insight into the movies. Thanks for reading and i’ll see you at the movies. 

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One thought on “Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

  1. Rigo says:

    You describe so eloquently the feelings this poignant yet absurbly funny movie made me feel. I really enjoyed your review. 😊

    Frances McDormand’s performance was superb and is, in my opinion, worthy of an Oscar.

    Liked by 1 person

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