Review: Justice League (2017)


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It’s finally here. The moment we have all been waiting for. The DC heroes are banning together for the first time in the DCEU. Since seeing The Avengers from the MCU, the anticipation on how DC was going to handle their band of heroes was on every geeks mind. I’d have to say that now the movie is out, I am happy that I was able to witness this movie during the superhero craze at the movies but unfortunately, this movie didn’t live up to the hype and expectation I had. Combined with reviews and comments from early viewers, the high action and very revealing trailers removed most of the surprise and WOW factor the movie could have presented. Sadly, I wanted more and wish this movie came further down the timeline.

Our heroes which include returning Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), with newcomers Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and last but not least Aquaman (Jason Momoa) All from different parts of the world, they are intertwined with a long-time battle with Steppenwolf, the Destroyer of Worlds, awaken to carry out a mission to combine 3 artifacts to open a portal to his own version of hell onto earth. This big bad is joined by infected winged creatures who aid in his crusade. Batman searches for these heroes to join him in this fight as well as possibly start a team that could be there whenever the world is in need in the future.


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I found the first act to be very clutter and very awkward. Introducing a small back story with our new superheroes and catching up with the current ones seemed a bit jumbled. After a while of jumping from character to character you kind of wonder when and how they were going to finally have some scenes together and drive the story even further. The other thing that seemed a little confusing was the tone. I wasn’t sure exactly what tone they were going to go with. With BVS: Dawn of Justice being very dark but Wonder Woman having more of a lighter and humorous tone, I was unsure how this latest DCEU movie would play out. There are definitely some attempts at humor but the drama was there as well. Most of the funny lines came from The Flash and Aquaman as they are self-aware with the fact that there is a man dressed as a bat running around saving the world.

I’d have to say that the trailers revealed a LOT of the best action sequences of the movie. The scenes that weren’t shown were good but most of them was not as strong as some of the showstoppers that were shown in the trailer. Also from the good comments this movie received, most of the stand out comments mentioned a scene stealing Flash as well as this movie being a lot of fun to watch as far as action and just seeing these heroes on screen together. To be honest, the movie was a little boring. It could be the fact that I know what these heroes were capable of and I think that each hero was limited and kept on a leash for most of their screen time. The team has never worked together before but they also were very novice in the abilities they possess. I hope this doesn’t come off as a spoiler to anyone but The Flash is very green in this movie. We don’t witness him receiving his powers but all of the tricks The Flash is known for wasn’t present in this movie. He ran fast yes but he didn’t pull off any of the special tricks and attacks we are all use to seeing from the fastest man alive. Cyborg as well was still evolving and adapting to his gifts which I think hindered him a bit but I actually found him to be more of a standout character than The Flash. Not putting down Ezra Miller because he is an amazing Barry Allen. If this movie did anything for me is to make me very interested in seeing both their solo movies in the future. I want more from both Cyborg and The Flash.


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The team dynamic didn’t seem as effective and momentum because they were not at the top of their game and their collaboration didn’t seem like it fit either. Compared to the Suicide Squad where as a team their chemistry was good and each character had certain skills that definitely shined. I wish there was more of that in the Justice League. This all could come down to the somber and unenergetic crowd I watched the movie with, this movie didn’t seem like it was funny when it was supposed to be and again the action sequences were shoved down our throats during post production advertising of the film. What I will see is that huge fans of the DC heroes will still enjoy this movie. I had fun watching it but at the same time, this movie should have been shown after we got to know all the characters. I think having more story and knowledge of the new heroes in the group would have made this movie stronger more appealing to the audience. It’s not the best movie from the DCEU but it’s also not the worst. The best part of the movie I can’t say because it would give away a huge plot point in the film but you will know when it happens and it was a joyous sequence. I do recommend this movie to be seen for continuity sake and it is also rewatchable. Also stay through the credits for a mid-credit scene that is great and a post credit scene that I believe will knock your socks off because the scene invoked the biggest cheer out of the entire movie.

3 1/2 out of 5


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