If You Enjoyed “Boo! A Madea Halloween”, Then You Will Enjoy Boo 2!

This review is a little bit of a rant on the hatred of Tyler Perry movies as well as a brief telling of the latest horror comedy brought to you by Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is a direct sequel from the first. I remember being led to believe in the first one that the sassy, ain’t having it, old woman Madea, played by Tyler Perry himself, would be dealing with actual monsters. Sadly that wasn’t the case but nonetheless, the movie still gave me the laughs I was expecting.

The film picks up a year after the first one with Tyler Perry’s character Brian, nephew to Madea, celebrating his daughter’s 18th birthday. In the first one, she was not allowed to party with frat boys because she was too young. Now that she is 18 she feels a bit freer from the rules and takes up the opportunity to party again with said frat but this time at a lake where it’s rumored 10 kids were murdered. Upping the stakes for illegal shenanigans and possible promiscuity, he forbids it but of course she goes anyways and it’s up to Madea and pals to go up there and protect her…because that’s what family does. Hallelujer! Praise the Lordt!



picture via Drafthouse.com

This movie is better than the first as it delivers more laughs and dare I say it, some believable creepy moments and scenarios. This time dealing with a spirit of a serial killer in this latest features gives Perry a lot to work with and I think he used it very well. Of course, you don’t necessarily go to these films to be scared but to see how someone with Madea’s personality as well as her friends she hangs with all the time would deal with some scurry shit. There are some movies that follow troupe and investigate scary noises and stand there and be killed instead of run for their lives.

boo2gif tenorcom

picture via tenor.com

This platform in Boo 2! And the first installment shows the different side of how to deal with a terrifying situation in a comedic way. The dialogue and the acting from most of the players in the film are questionable. Some jokes do fall flat without invoking a chuckle out of my mouth but overall because I am familiar with the characters I know what to expect and they deliver.


boo22 coming soon.net

picture via comingsoon.net

The young women in the film, most of them are used as sex objects for the frat boys to try to sleep with the whole time. The men are only there to be ogled at as well, not showing one shred of intelligence and concentrate more on how big and buff they are. So we may not get much likable characters in the film but do you really go for them. The kids of the film take up a big portion of the beginning to set the scene, it can feel a little long because you just want the fun to begin. Some of them are up and coming comedians, actors and actresses and online influencers, so it’s nice to see they are given a shot for the big screen.


Hattie played by Patrice Lovely. picture via. Lionsgate publicity

MVP goes to Patrice Lovely who plays Hattie, the wannabe cougar, bad breath havin’, scaredy cat who definitely doesn’t like to be scared. You can think of her as Fozzie bear to Madea’s Kermit. She appeared in the first Boo! Movie and she stole the show in most of her scenes and she does it again in this sequel. She is hilarious and most of the laughs come from her. Perry, keep using her in your projects. She is great.

So here is the deal with Tyler Perry movies. People seem to forget that the man writes drama movies under his production Tyler Perry Studios in addition to his comedies involving the wise cracking Madea. Movies such as: Diary of a Mad Black Woman, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and Why Did I Get Married?

Side note: When watching this film, I saw the trailer to Perry’s next hardcore drama called Acrimony starring Taraji P. Henson. Check the trailer out below. This looks hardcore.

 Whether you are a fan or not of his films, there is a distinct difference between the two genres he writes for. Not every actor, director, or writer is acclaimed by everyone but here’s the thing, everyone has at least one fan. As the numbers show, clearly, there are fans out there that are not ready to say goodbye to Madea or her antics anytime soon. While critics out there are giving their opinion regarding these movies, moviegoers need to remember that for the most part, these critics are not fans of the movie, the character and probably the main star, Tyler Perry himself. They are immediately bias over a character that clearly doesn’t fit their taste. Bottom line is, if you like Madea and the movies that Tyler Perry writes for the character than continue seeing them despite what others say. I would say that the only Madea movie I wasn’t thoroughly entertained by was A Madea’s Christmas. So this movie cannot be recommended for everyone and at this point I even think Perry knows that by now that a selective audience is going to get joy from watching these while the other moviegoers look elsewhere.

If someone who is a fan of Perry and Madea tells you the movie isn’t worth it, take advice from them if you have the same taste. Otherwise, see the movie for yourself. Each time I see a Madea movie, for at least 90 mins I get to laugh and just be entertained so much. He makes me laugh. Enough said.

3 1/2 out of 5

I hope you enjoyed the review and that it helps you with your choice to see the movie or not. Comment below if you plan to see it and why. Also, any movies I should be seeing and that I should review, let me know. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the movies. 


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