What Happened To Monday Is A Smart And Futuristic Thrill Ride

If I had a dime for every Netflix original series and movie that pops up every month I would be a wealthy human being. The amount of original content on the streaming service just keeps growing and doesn’t plan to stop. While most of them are under the radar there are some that stand out featuring a unique story or involve actors and actresses that we are familiar with. While not all of them are gems, some of them turn out to be really good. What Happened To Monday is one of those gems.


Noomi Rapace stars as a woman who is a part of identical septuplets. The Settman siblings are in hiding from the rest of the world as they were born into a futuristic reality where a law has been passed to control the human population. One sibling per family is that law and any other siblings born will be cryogenically frozen and awaken when the population is under control.

Rapace takes the role of each sister all named after a day of the week which indicates the day they enter into the world and live the life of one identity. One of the siblings goes missing which ignites a domino effect of disaster for the rest of the siblings in the attempt to figure out what happened to her.


This movie was a surprise hit for me. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. This film is very entertaining with a well-executed storyline combining action and mystery to the mix. Learning about each sister and their characteristic is enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Each scene gave you something to listen and watch for as you learn more about the world the sisters live in. The flashbacks of their upbringing being raised by their Grandfather Terrance, played by Willem Dafoe, is centrical to the plot as to how they have survived so long without being discovered. Just on the technical side, watching Rapace times seven on screen at once visually looks great.

Think Sense 8 meets Logan’s Run

The cast is pretty good as well. In addition to Rapace and Dafoe is Glenn Close who plays the woman that implemented this new law and enforces the city to fall in line with the rules. She does a wonderful job playing this stern and dominating authority doing what she believes is the right thing to do. Her time on screen is used wisely and she definitely makes herself known of her presence with her demeanor.


The amount of action that was in this film was a nice touch in making this a hit for me. There were a lot of chase scenes and gun play throughout the film as these sisters are on the run. The way the story was moving in the beginning of the film, they could have gotten away with just a drama. Adding the excitement of the action sequences just enhanced this story to new levels. It felt very realistic as one sister is pretty good with combat fighting so that was a treat to watch. Nothing too over the top as well since this movie isn’t just an action film, the movie still concentrated on the story and the mystery.

This is a Netflix original that I can get behind. I will even say that I would have paid money to see this in theatres. With the lack of additional star power and common faces the U.S. is use to may not have paid off well at the box office. However, this movie brings a modern take on an issue we are aware of today and giving it that futuristic spin on it for entertainment value. It’s target audience is any fan of Noomi Rapace as she is front and center in almost every scene. I would say the only cliché move here is that each sister had a literal opposite personality trait than the next. Not one sister was a like in looks and mannerisms. I am sure it was vital to have that so it would be easier to tell them apart but the odds of all growing up together with only one day to leave a week seems a bit far fetch to believe that. These siblings are nothing like the seven dwarves but like them they are all different in their own way.

If you watch any Netflix original movie this year it should be this one. It is fun, innovative, rewatchable, and very intriguing. This idea would have made a great series too. I haven’t seen Orphan Black yet so if this movie is anything like that show, I have another binge project on my hands.

5 out of 5

Thank you for reading my review. Comment below your thoughts on the movie and if you plan to watch it. Also, if there is a title you would like me to review, let me know. Also remember to subscribe for future reviews and also to listen to my podcast featuring the horror genre. I’ll see you at the movies.


One thought on “What Happened To Monday Is A Smart And Futuristic Thrill Ride

  1. Rigo says:

    This movie was fantastic! I must admit that as I was reading your review I felt like I was reliving some of the great action in this movie. I was unfamiliar with Noomi Rapace prior to watching this movie and can now admit that I was really impressed with her ability to perform seven different roles in one film. Wow! Kudos to her!

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