Logan Lucky Reminds You That Original Ideas Work


Now when I say, “original ideas” I mean a movie that isn’t a sequel, remake, reboot, or adaptation. Logan Lucky is a heist movie and a funny one at that. Even though the movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh (Ocean Eleven Trilogy) who is no stranger to making heist movies provided a fresh take on the type of movie which is also different from what he is use to from his previous heist films. I also love the fact that the tagline of this film speaks more on the history of his filmmaking vs. the movie itself which reads, “See how the other half steals”.

That is exactly what you are going to get. The film involves two brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan who are both “ride or die” for one another who decides that they want to pull a job during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. Instead of the highly skilled members of Ocean’s team we are used to seeing from Soderbergh, we see the two brothers along with a mismatch crew making this journey not something to miss.

This comedy crime film is not to be missed. It’s funny, smart, and highly entertaining in a subtle way. A lot of the jokes were provided by the stereotype of how the “hillbillies” or the less fortunate with their accents and the way they think. If that doesn’t upset you than you are in for a good 2-hour movie. The last heist movie I saw was Baby Driver and that was pretty good. The difference being that Logan Lucky dependent on the delivery of the dialogue and the chemistry between the team put together to get all that cash during NASCAR more than the job and the action sequences.


Channing Tatum, who previously worked with Soderbergh in the Magic Mike movies plays Jimmy Logan, the idea man, who pretty much needs the money more than anyone. This man is hilarious in his acting ability when it comes to acting like a goofball in the Jump Street series. His small stint in The Hateful Eight was pretty impressive also in my opinion. Tatum most of the time when he acts you can’t tell which emotion he is projecting because he is so calm with the same facial expression for with any feeling. I think that is what the part called for in a way. He has to work hard and stay strong since he is lately down on his luck and needs money quick for himself and his family. He does a great job playing a hot D.I.L.F. with co-star Farrah Mackenzie as his daughter Sadie, who has a small storyline of her own getting ready to compete in a pageant him and her mother Bobbie Jo played by Katie Holmes. Sadie is one smart cookie and just so optimistic among the lunkheads who are committing crime. Some great acting is brought to the table with the screen time she is given. You can almost say that she steals a few scenes she is in as well.


The rest of the players do a great job in their own way as well. I was enjoying my time watching Adam Driver on screen. I am not too familiar with his work but I was given a good example of what he is capable of in this feature and I wouldn’t mind seeing more. Daniel Craig is also a delight and it’s nice to know he is capable of doing roles that are different if not completely opposite than the smooth rugged and suave Bond we all know and love. Along with a few more cameos from some veteran and popular actors and actresses along the way this movie shaped up to be a good movie.

Go see this film and don’t let the unfamiliar worry you of a waste of time. Most of the time, it will pay off.

What is great about this blue-collar comedy is that I was able to watch and get to know new characters I knew nothing about. I enjoy franchises and I don’t mind sequels and remakes but every once in a while, you want to see some original work and characters you are not use to so you don’t anticipate their next move or the next line out of their mouth. There is a decline in these types of movies and for me it just buckles down to the taste each person has in the movies they like to watch. An actor or actress or even a director can influence a person’s decision to support a unique story or original idea but for the most part Hollywood has played it safe for years now and money wise it is definitely paying off. However, the powers that be will only see that there is only room for those types of movies. From where I see it, these adaptations and remakes that are coming out will only get worse because Hollywood is going to believe that no matter the story, they will like and take a chance and spend money on things that are familiar. We can’t let that happen and to do so you have to see smaller indie films like Logan Lucky.


Movies that survive and standout side by side with the familiar is risky but Soderbergh has reminded us that you don’t need something you are used to seeing to enjoy a feature on the big screen. I found this movie to be wildly entertaining and I am recommending this movie to all. With heist movies, expect less action and more dialogue. Also expect there to be more of a story behind the heist vs. the job itself. What I mean by that is most of the feature is about getting to know these characters and wanting them to succeed in doing something illegal. Yes, it is a comedy but at the end of the day do we want the “bad guy” to win and succeed. Go see this film and don’t let the unfamiliar worry you of a waste of time. Most of the time, it will pay off.

4 1/2 out of 5

I hope you all enjoyed the review. If there is a title you think I should watch let me know. Also, I would like to hear if anyone else saw the film and what their thoughts are on the movie and also the subject on the direction Hollywood is going. Thanks for reading my review and I’ll see you at the movies.


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