To All Moviegeeks, If This Doesn’t Get You Back Into The Movies, I Don’t Know What Will


Since 2011, a company named MoviePass provided a service to all its customers to bring them back to the movies. For a monthly charge, you had the opportunity to go to the movies once per day. For any movie watcher like myself that likes to go to the movies all the time benefits from this deal because ticket prices continue to rise and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Most theatres provide updated seating, hot foods other than simple concession snacks, and in some theatres, they are allowing alcohol that you can purchase before your movie or in some cases allows you to take it with you while you watch your movie.

For me, none of those features is enough to make me pay for the expensive prices that comes with each visit. In 2013, I discovered the pass and paid the monthly fee of $20 – $30 dollars it cost to see an unlimited amount of movies, specifically one movie per day. The average cost of a movie in L.A. theatres are about $16.00 – $17.50 if you want to go to one of the bigger chains like AMC or Pacific Theatres. Over the course of 4 years that price has risen to $50 a month and I still managed to see enough movies in a month to come out on top. Cake walk for me. However, $50 is still a lot of money to any average movie goer. Well today, I am sure that most of you have heard that the Co-Founder of Netflix has purchased a majority of stock of the Moviepass and has decided to lower the price of the monthly unlimited card to $10 a month. NOW THAT’S A STEAL. If there was a time to test out this wonderful card it would be now. With no contract or obligation to sign up. You can quit anytime you want no harm no file and you can go to the movies at least twice a month and make your money back.


If you have never heard of the moviepass or as I like to call it, “multipass”, let me tell you that it’s easy to use and its completely worth it. Of course, nothing is perfect so it come with its share of annoyance but let me just say that the payoff is worth it. I love this card. It has saved me so much money over the years and now I am going to be saving even more now that the price has gone down. 

Required: A smart phone

First you sign up and within a week up to two weeks you will receive a customized credit card sent from the company and then you download the Moviepass app on your phone and sign up for an account while you activate your card.


Once you are within 100 yds. of the theatre you are going to, you open the app and pick the theatre you are going to base on your location. Once you have chosen the theatre, you choose the movie and time you wish to attend. Once you have done that, the app will confirm your check in and the amount of one ticket will be loaded onto the credit card that was sent to you in the mail. You use the card like you would any credit card at the box office or movie kiosk and purchase your ticket. Simple Right?

  • There are pros and cons to this card and because moviepass has existed since 2011 and you still may not know what it is means that it hasn’t found its customers yet. This card is still evolving to becoming a great asset to movie goers but it has to find its audiences first before it can thrive.
  • This card does come with limitations but for $10 a month I think it’s all worth it. Here are some of the limitations to consider depending on the type of movies you like to go see at the movies.
  • The card works at most movie chains including indie theatres. Arclight and Landmark theatres definitely don’t take the card.
  • You can see any 2D movie that is in theatres now but IMAX, 3D, and other specific non 2D movie are off limits to the pass.
  • You cannot use this card to buy tickets online or buy advance tickets as you must be close to the location you are going to purchase the ticket with the check in app.
  • This card only works with single movie goers meaning each person must have their own card to reap the benefits. There is not family plan or plan for you and a date to use the card together.
  • Even though you can see pretty much any movie that comes out in theatres you can only use the pass once per movie. Movie geeks like myself don’t mind seeing a movie more than once if the movie is that good. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for the 2nd and 3rd viewing.

If you can handle those limitations, I’d say take a chance and sign up for this pass. I know a lot of people love going to the movies but their number one reason for not going or being over critical on specific titles saying, “That movie isn’t good enough for the price of a ticket.” The goal of the card is to get people back into the theatre as each year the number of people in auditorium seats are declining. People like myself find going to the movies a home away from home and I would hate for the past time of going to the movies to go out of style like the DVD VHS and so on. I have talked plenty of my friends to join and they have all loved the card and the advantages of having one. I purchased one when its cost is $50. Now that its $10, what do you have to lose. Keep in mind that this announcement just happened today, so if this deal is true and everything seems to work out with the participating theatre chains who are already associated with the subscription based card then I would say this is the best thing to join. Do the research, make sure its worth it for you and benefits your preferred movie going habits. Hopefully there are no backlash or shortcomings from this news as most things are too good to be true. I have had this card for 4 years now and I have no regrets. Now, if you can keep yourself from purchasing the expensive snacks at the concession stands, the Moviepass is worth it.

popcorn gif

8/15 [UPDATE] It seems there is a little bit of backlash already starting from this new deal. Check it out and comment your thoughts. 


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