Kidnap Is An Unexpected Non-Stop Thrill Ride

I wrote a post on this movie’s trailer a while back very excited to watch this film and just see how far the film was going to go to give us suspense, action, and entertaining satisfaction. I got to say that for me I was pleasantly surprised with how much went on through this film that took place in a span of one day. Aside from an awkward beginning of the movie, The Call pt.2 Kidnap got started once they arrived at the park and never stopped until the very end.

Here is a trailer to remind you what I saw and what you can expect.

There is always that joke when a mother sees their children in danger they receive “super powers” to save their child. I think the popular scenario I have heard the most is when they are stuck under a school bus. Don’t worry, she doesn’t gain any superpowers in this movie. Those super hero days are long gone for Berry for a while. Nonetheless, Berry’s character Karla Dyson does everything in her means to get her kid back from being snatched at a community park. Karla is a single mother who is going through tough times raising a kid and working at a dead-end job at a diner who probably doesn’t get paid that well and from the look of that awkward scene I mention has to deal with shitty customers. Last but not least, she also has the extra stress of dealing with the possibility of the son’s dad and new girlfriend filing for full custody. No matter how much is stacked up against her, she is not going to let it fall anywhere near her son Frankie (Sage Correa) who she loves so much.


The reason why this movie is unexpected to me and why I wanted to see it in the first place is that we see the same story of someone who loses a kid to kidnapping, sometimes from right in front of them. What most of them has in common is that they don’t see it happening and they spend the movie trying to get them back or dealing with a ransom to get them back. This film gives us a front row seat to the same kidnapping story but this time the mom actually witnesses the kidnapping take place right in front of her frightened eyes. If you saw your kid getting kidnapped right in front of you, what would you do? Not something you want to think about, right? So just go see the film Kidnap and have them do it for you. Let me tell you that Berry does everything you can think of to get her kid back. 


You expect this thriller to be just one big car chase and you would assume right. She is in the car for most of the movie trying to stop the captures from getting away. However, there is a lot of other interactions Berry goes through during her chase that you wouldn’t expect to see. You also get to see this scenario be played out without the use of a cell phone. So just think back to the times that we didn’t have cellphones to just call the police. What do you do? You can watch the movie Kidnap and watch them play that out for you.

Halle Berry gives a solid performance but a film and character like this is too easy for her to play based on what she is capable of. Ever since her Oscar win for Monster’s Ball you may not have seen her in anything Oscar worthy movies or performances but I don’t think that there is a question that she is a talented actor. There are no other well-known actors and actress in the film so she is pretty much the largest star power you have in the film. Whether that is a turn on or off on whether you watch it in theatres is up to you. The other thing I noticed is that this movie also has the potential to be one of those films that are so bad that its good. You could be the type that finds these scenes to be over the top or far-fetched. What I will say is that while I was watching it, I was hooked the whole time and there were certain decisions made and moves made that I didn’t see coming and I may even have jumped once or twice.


Is this the best suspense thriller out there? No, this movie may not leave a burning memory in your brain afterwards but the film is fun and entertaining to those who can and want to lose themselves in a movie for 90 mins. Also, if you are a fan of Halle Berry and her acting abilities than this movie will not disappoint. If you don’t trust Berry and her movie role choices anymore or can’t look pass the fact that she starred in the flop that is Catwoman, then this movie should not be seen and you should just go out and see Atomic Blonde instead for another powerful female lead or even Detroit for another movie with people of color. All I can say is that when she said, “You took the wrong kid” she wasn’t kidding.

4 out of 5

I hope that this review helped with your decision to check out the movie or not. Let me know what you think of the film based on first impressions and if you plan to see it now. Have a good weekend and see you at the movies.


One thought on “Kidnap Is An Unexpected Non-Stop Thrill Ride

  1. Rigo says:

    Kidnap was fun to watch. I also didn’t expect it to play it out the way it did, but I’m so glad it did. Halle Berry was a fierce mother warrior. I loved her tenacity and ability to face this dangerous circumstance with courage. She kept going…

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