Review: Wish Upon Is Fun and Better Than I Expected

Wish Upon is one of those horror movies that comes out and keeps you busy until a highly anticipated horror movie comes out, like Stephen King’s It. Not that these two movies are from the same production company but that is how I feel about movies like these. Wish Upon is a movie involving a story that has been told very often but just in a different way for a different audience. When movies like The Conjuring and Get Out are released to the world, the last think you want to see is some teenager having a hard time at school making messed up wishes that if granted takes someone’s life in return.


There is always the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for” basically saying that you have to be careful how your wish is worded and also think about the things you want and because wants you have it, did you really want it in the first place. This film is no exception except adapted for the present audience, the deaths paid are done in a “Final Destination-like” deaths which creates quite the suspense. Joey King (The Conjuring) play the leading teen who is given a box that grants her 7 wishes. With the little knowledge of the Chinese language as she is coincidentally taking it in school at the moment was able to decipher the 7 wishes option. Not given much reason to really believe it does that she starts making wishes that start coming true.


Joey King stars as Clare Shannon in WISH UPON, a Broad Green Pictures release. Credit: Steve Wilkie / Broad Green Pictures

I found this movie to be fun but just unoriginal. It’s not like I am tired of seeing this type of plot being played out on screen but this movie doesn’t really offer anything to justify a reason for such a simple plot. The wishes and the deaths are very basic as well as the kills that are committed after each wish. What saved this movie are the players and the characters they played. The supporting cast including Ryan Phillippe (I Know What You Did Last Summer), Sherilyn Fenn (The Stepfather 2009), Shannon Purser (Stranger Things), and many more. Each character played their part really well and for the most part is very likable. Even the mean girls were enjoyable to watch which says a lot to the value of entertainment you are going to get in between wish and kills.


This teen horror film had a way of just being pretty subtle with the antics and actions happening that didn’t come off fake or over the top. The death scenes weren’t over dramatic or far-fetched as well. I believe Wish Upon tried to be a legit horror film but there was a sense of self awareness in the story telling as if they knew a little about the impact this movie would have. Usually self-aware movies decide to have fun and just make it a B type horror movie. This movie didn’t commit that. I got the sense that for a PG-13 horror movie, the director John R. Leonetti knew his audience and did the best he could with the story given to him.


Sydney Park stars as Meredith, Joey King as Claire and Shannon Purser as June in WISH UPON, a Broad Green Pictures release. Credit: Steve Wilkie / Broad Green Pictures

This movie is good but not great. The film was fun and a little suspenseful however lacked originality. Is it worth the watch in theatres? I would say this you can wait for. Huge horror fans wouldn’t find this feature worth it. If you need a horror fix until the next big hit comes out, this movie isn’t a total bore. For the young teens out there, I believe this is effective and will entertain you. Especially if you are not a big horror fan, this is fun to watch. I wasn’t bored at all and it also ended very well. I have seen worse movies and this feature isn’t as bad as you would think.

3 1/2 out of 5

I hope this review helped you decide if it’s worth your watch. Comment below if you have seen this film or plan to see it. Thank you for reading as always. See you at the movies.


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